Radar COVID will disappear in November after repeatedly breaking the law

If only it had been for Radar COVID, right? The truth is that both the authorities of half the world, as well as the Spanish, have violated the rights of citizens repeatedly and with impunity throughout the coronavirus pandemic. A pandemic that, beware, is yet to be considered over, even though the majority of the population takes it for granted.

It is not like this. Without going any further, here in Spain it is already planned to inoculate everyone who is left with a fourth dose of the covid vaccine for the fall, something that they will most likely do under the cover of a new variant, a new wave or whatever. is third The important thing is to supply the puncture, which is paid and expires.

However, another of the tools used to “fight” against the coronavirus is Radar COVID, the Spanish app for mobile devices that began to be distributed well into mid-2020 and that, like so many others from different places, was an absolute flop in more ways than one.

The first of these is adoption, and the vast majority of those who came to install it quickly got rid of it. To date, the version of Radar COVID for Android has more than five million downloads to its credit and an average score of 2.9 out of 5. From the bad to the worst, considering the type of utility it is.

However, beyond the multiple errors reported by those who had the courtesy to record their test, or the apparently null impact of the application on improving the health situation, Radar COVID generated many reservations from the outset related to privacy, many of which have ended up being shown to be true, not as predicted.

Radar COVID was launched knowing that it had vulnerabilities in its design that allowed information to be de-anonymized, from which Up to 8 articles of the RGPD have been violated, for which the Data Protection Agency has filed with the Governmentalthough being a public administration, it has been left as a dead letter, without fine or consequences.

Be that as it may, Radar COVID will stop receiving updates next November and although it works, it will continue to work, we already know what it means when an application goes unattended, let alone one with the safety record of Radar COVID. Not to mention that, given its limited success, its use is pointless.

For more data, Radar COVID barely helped register 1% of confirmed infections, about 120,000 cases. If its development and maintenance cost about 4.2 million euros, each of these cases cost about 35 euros. An obvious failure that the Government already announced that it would leave a few months ago and that now confirms the date of goodbye.

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