Rain or snow, your laptop safe with these waterproof backpacks

BOPAI waterproof backpack

The first of the options that we have selected is the cheapest among waterproof backpacks. We must bear in mind that these backpacks are more expensive than normal ones, due to the fact that they repel water. Although all should be waterproof, the reality is that few backpacks meet this requirement.

This backpack is designed for laptops up to 15.6 inches, which is the most common size in laptops. It has been manufactured in a nylon microfiber to make the mocha waterproof. Thanks to this material, it also has the ability to resist small blows, Ideal if we are going to move by public transport.

He has this backpack, in addition, a renewed anti-theft system. This system is important for those who frequently travel by public transport, where there are many robberies. In addition, it has a system that allows it to be attached to the carry handle for suitcases.

This backpack integrates a USB port on the side to be able to charge devices comfortably. The handles have been reinforced to make them more resistant and have an opening to put cards or coins. In addition, it has a special design that allows perspiration and thus reduces sweating.

Promate Urbanpack

You may be looking for a backpack that is resistant to liquids and, in addition, has a high-quality and stylish finish. A very interesting option is this Promate backpack, which is characterized by offering great quality and resistance. In addition to offering resistance to liquids, it is also characterized by being anti-theft.

Something very interesting about this backpack for 15.6 inch laptops is that it is made entirely by recycled materials. It has a large capacity front pocket for smartphones, keys and any other object that we have to transport. The Promate Urbanpack backpack is available in PcComponents for €59, which represents a reduction of 24%.

But the most important thing about this backpack is that it is waterproof, so we will keep our laptop safe. It has an interior lining that prevents the infiltration of liquids inside that could damage the laptop or any other electronic system. Besides, the zipper is hidden to avoid the possible theft of our laptop.

It has a hidden quick access zipper system to prevent theft. The handles are fully padded to offer great comfort and an additional handle to attach it to the suitcase.

Promate Urbanpack

BONPAI rigid backpack

This backpack could very well be signed by Elon Musk. The backpack that BONPAI offers us is completely rigid and, in addition, it is quite reminiscent of the Cybertruck that Tesla presented some time ago. Although Musk’s pixelated car has not yet hit the market, you can make up for it with this curious backpack.

This backpack offers us a tortoise shell rear structure Plastic that offers great resistance. This rigid structure offers us two things, resistance to liquids and also resistance to shocks. In addition, it has a system of tsa lock of high quality that will avoid possible robberies or interceptions by possible friends of others.

This backpack has a large internal capacity, since it can support laptops up to 17 inches. The outer handle at the top has a resistance of up to 25 kilos. It has a special band to attach the backpack to a suitcase if we travel.

This backpack integrates a special pocket in the part that is in contact with our back to protect our smartphone or similar. The backpack handles to hang it from our back have a pocket for cards or coins. In addition, it has a special design that reduces sweating on the back.

BONPAI rigid backpack

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