Rainbow Six Mobile is now official and opens participation for its first tests

Following in the footsteps of PUBG, Fortnite and the most recent Call of Duty, this time the next on the list to make the leap to mobile phones has been Rainbow Six Mobile, a free adaptation of this tactical shooter In which maps from Rainbow Six Siege will be included, maintaining the main game mechanics and modes for PC and consoles, and some small changes to create a unique experience adapted for mobile.

As shared by Ubisoft itself, this title promises fans access to a variety of operators drawn from the wider “Rainbow” universe, including Smoke and Bandit, for whom we can customize their teams for each game. As expected, “Rainbow Six Mobile” will also have customizable on-screen controls, which should hopefully make it possible for users to comfortably play the game without pairing a controller.

Among other legacy aspects, Rainbow Six Mobile will include well-known maps such as Border and Bank, as well as the player-versus-player game mode “Attack vs. Defense», which will face two teams of 5 players in rounds of attack and defense. However, although the company assures that this mobile version will also include some exclusive additions, unfortunately it has not advanced any details. Although we do already have a very promising trailer.

Thus, although this video contains some images of the game, along with numerous cinematic scenes produced under the engine on which it runs, it is worth mentioning that we are still talking about a very early stage of developmentin fact warning Ubisoft itself that still in “pre-alpha”. And it is that the final result could look substantially different in its premiere for iOS and Android.

That said, Ubisoft has already announced that we will not have to wait for the beta version to be able to test this game, assuring that it will carry out various tests in the future, opening the registration for players who are interested, who will receive a notice as soon as it opens. the first early access. To do this, we will only have to access the official website of the game, click on the “Register” buttonand complete the registration with our data.

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