Raleigh introduced new versions of its e-bike

As a literal veteran bike manufacturer, many product owners have been wondering for some time how this manufacturer manages to survive in an increasingly crowded e-bike market. And the answer, apparently, lies in the banal general appeal of the brand’s products. And the fact that this giant is still afloat has allowed the firm to release an updated version of its already very popular Motus line of hybrid e-bikes, increasing both power and range, which are really important aspects.

So the new base Motus now comes with a 400 WH Bosch Active Line engine (compared to the predecessor’s 300 WH engine). This, of course, made it possible to significantly increase the cruising range from 100 to almost 130 kilometers. And at least due to the improvements mentioned above, you obviously should not have problems climbing a mountain or, for example, a long commute to work. Also in the case of this novelty, its owners will be able to immediately count on four levels of electric assistance, a seven-speed gearbox, as well as hydraulic disc brakes.

If we move on to other, more professional models, then it goes without saying that more demanding bikes have more options. Thus the Motus Tour and Motus Grand Tour have a choice of either a derailleur or a hub and are equipped with integrated front and rear lights as well as a wheel locking system. The Tour and Grand Tour have sleeker, easily removable Bosch PowerTube batteries, while the top-of-the-line Grand Tour has both a larger 500 Wh battery and a more powerful Active Line Plus motor. The company claims a range of up to 130 kilometers.

It is also important to note that all of the manufacturer’s new bikes are available in the UK and Ireland in either a cross-frame or an easier-to-install low step design. However, on the negative side, you should expect higher prices in exchange for additional performance. So the initial version of the Motus will sell for $2,987, while the Motus Tour starts at $3,383 for the derailleur version. Well, if you decide to become the owner of the “fattest” model, then the Grand Tour will cost you $ 3,654. Yes, it’s certainly a bit more expensive than the models it replaces, but the extra cost can still be justified if your bike is your primary mode of transportation.

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