“Rape-ax”: This is how the female condom with anti-rape spikes works

Cases of sexual abuse Against women around the world are on the rise, before this, a South African doctor took measures and invented a female condom with spikes that hurt the member of the rapists.

Dr. Sonette Ehlers invented “Monkfish-ax”, A condom that is designed to prevent rape due to the spikes inside that adhere to the penis causing harm to the aggressors, which would provide the opportunity for victims to flee and ask for help.

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It’s about a female condom of latex that is placed in the vagina -a procedure similar to that of a tampon-, women who acquire it must have it on at all times and it does not cause discomfort, says its creator.

Ehlers explained that the device will remain in member of the aggressor, who should see a doctor to remove it since it causes pain when urinating and walking, although “it does not break the skin and there is no exposure hazard to liquids ”.

The “Rape-ax” will help the authorities and doctors to identify when it is a sexual aggressor, since the DNA present in this will be the same as the victim and they could identify it.

History after the creation of the “Rape-ax”

Its creator has pointed out that it was the story of a rape victim that led her to create the “Rape-ax”, who said, through tears, to remember the words of her attacker: “If only I had teeth down there “.

However, the female condom anti-rape has divided opinions among those who have supported the proposal of Dr. Sonette Ehlers, while others point out that it is a form of “slavery” for women.

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The cost of the device is $ 50, the equivalent of just over a thousand Mexican pesos, for a package with 10 devices.

The United Nations Organization (UN) Women, reports that 35 percent of women worldwide “have ever experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner, or sexual violence perpetrated by a person other than his partner ”.

The UN notes that during the Covid-19 pandemic Calls for assistance increased fivefold in some countries, as a consequence of the increase in intimate partner violence: “The restriction of movement, the Social isolation and economic insecurity increase the vulnerability of women to violence in the private sphere around the world ”.


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