RÄVIK S 22, the most extreme electric surfboard in the world

Much less known than cars, bicycles or scooters, surfboards have also switched to electric propulsion! On this niche market, a manufacturer stands out, it is Awake which caused a sensation this week by presenting a new, even faster model.

Surfing is a sport that usually requires big waves to be exciting. When the sea is not rough, or worse on a lake without wind, the surfboards generally remain in a corner. But not the models of Awake, a Swedish manufacturer specializing in surfboards equipped with electric motors!

Over 50 km/h peak!

And the new model presented recently made an impression: the RÄVIK S 22 is probably the fastest e-surfboard in the world since it reaches a top speed of 57 km/h. And you have to be well hooked, since it goes from 0 to 50 km/h in 4 seconds! Be careful not to fall into the water…

Unfortunately, this performance cannot last too long: the standard battery life is only 15 to 20 minutes. An optional larger battery doubles runtime to between 20 and 45 minutes. Recharge time was 80 minutes to refuel, better have a spare battery or two.

This new version retains most of the specifications of the RÄVIK S range: the W-shaped hull, the linear jet system and the lithium batteries. Awake has redesigned the modules present on the board. The sensations will be present even for heavier surfers: the manufacturer promises that you will perfectly feel the thrust, the instantaneous response of the accelerator or even the gain in speed.

This new surfboard, which is similar to a jet-ski without handlebars, is obviously not given to all budgets. It will take 12,900 € with a standard battery, and add 3,000 € more for the long-lasting battery.

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