Razer introduces a modular gaming table that adapts to you

A gaming table that works like a complete modular PC is Razer’s new proposal within the projects that they like to announce so much during CES and this year it was not going to be less. Picking up on past projects and concepts, Razer returns to modularity in its eye-catching new project. No doubt Razer Project Sophia it’s going to fill more headlines than gamers rooms.

From content creation to everyday work, the Razer Project Sophia adapts to you and is ready for every need. Its modules would allow adaptation, according to the need of each user or moment. Like a Lego, but with hardware.

A table, a computer, a Project Sophia screen is all that, and more.

The truth is that the concept, presented by Razer during CES, it can be very interesting and is based on a more than good rationale, if it were to be put into practice. Also, rescue the modularity concept from another concept PC also with a woman’s name Christine, presented at CES back in 2014, this time it was a tower, but the principles were the same, modules to exchange as needed.

Although 8 years ago Razer did dare to make a physical prototype of the concept, during CES 2022 Project Sophia It has remained in rendered images and in video, yes, leaving nothing to the imagination and showing it in great detail.

What will Project Sophia wear?

Razer’s modular table will have the capacity to support up to 13 separate modules, thus allowing a high level of adaptability and customization. Each component will offer us the possibility of meeting our needs according to our work, either to stream on Twitch or to be designing. These modules will allow us to know not only information about the system and what is happening, but also to use multi-touch screens to streamline the workflow at all times.

The interchangeable modules of Project Sophia, according to Razer, would be HOT-SWAP and magnetized at all times, so at any time we could remove a module from the system, and put another in its place as easily as if we put or removed a magnet from refrigerator, without affecting the operation of the system or requiring a restart.

Regarding hardware, Razer reports that Project Sophia would have included as if it were a barebone, the latest Intel processor, as well as the latest current GPU on the market by NVIDIA.

As expected, we cannot talk about prices or availability. Project Sophia, is that a project that we do not know if it will ever see the light or not, without a doubt they have aimed high and have reformulated concepts of the past. But the same Razer surprises us, let’s not forget that they ended up taking out the toaster, or even the Zephyr purifying mask.

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