Razer Productivity Updates With Three New Quiet Peripherals

Known for its gaming peripherals, little by little we have seen how Razer has evolved some of its PC accessories towards its Razer Productivity line, more focused on productivity and work, but maintaining its distinctive personal touch and high-performance orientation. And it is in fact that the company has announced today the arrival of three new additions to this range with the introduction of the Pro Click Mini wireless mouse, the Pro Type Ultra wireless keyboard, and its new Pro Glide XXL mouse pad.

Starting with the mouse, the Razer Pro Click Mini lands as a truly powerful device, equipped with an optical sensor. a maximum sensitivity of 12,000 DPI, a maximum speed of 300 IPS, an acceleration to 35G, and an internal memory that will allow us to store up to five different profiles.

As part of this Razer Productivity family, its great quality is its silent operation, making use of not only quieter click switches, but also reducing noise from your scroll wheel.

In addition, the Pro Click Mini will have a dual wireless connectivity, being able to use a Bluetooth connection or make use of the built-in Razer wireless dongle to connect with the 2.4Gh wireless protocol. For this second, we will only have to remove the upper case of the mouse, where in addition to the USB receiver, we can find its two spaces for the battery, which It will be run by two AA batteries.

Refined and enhanced through community feedback, the Razer Pro Type Ultra is the next generation of Razer Pro series keyboards, delivering a quieter and more luxurious typing experience in the office space.

Regarding its design, we find a keyboard very similar to the company’s standard gaming models, equipping a synthetic leather wrist rest, a backlighting system under all its keys, and a coating that is softer to the touch. Although we will find a great difference when using it, with the presence of the new Razer Yellow mechanical switches with a linear and quiet design.

Like the mouse, the Pro Type Ultra comes as a wireless keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity in addition to the Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless 2.4Ghz USB dongle, although also using it while charging by connecting it with its included USB-C cable.

Razer Productivity Pro Glide XXL

Finally, this family of peripherals is completed with the Razer Pro Glide XXL, an ultra-wide full-size desk mat on which we can not only use our mouse, but also the rest of the peripherals, allowing better movement for the first, and greater stability for the rest.

And it is that this mat is built with a textured micro-woven surface for high-precision mouse tracking, coupled with a high-density rubber underlay that provides a cushioned surface across the width of the desk, to increase comfort and minimize fatigue.

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