Razer Stream Controller, everything at your fingertips

That content creation in general and streaming in particular have experienced a huge boom in recent years It is more than obvious. Whether as a leisure option, as a complement to other activities or for professional purposes, every day there are new people (mainly the youngest, but not only) who launch to install a camera on their PC, register in some of the main platforms and start trying your luck in a world as complex as it is interesting.

This explains the raison d’être of devices like the Razer Stream Controller, which has just been introduced by the company, and which offers an exceptionally handy control tool for streamersbut also for other types of content creators, gamers and even users with other profiles but who can take great advantage of a device designed to put within our reach just those functions and tools that we need at all times.

The Razer Stream Controller, when it comes to controls, integrates 12 on-screen haptic keys, 2 side LCD screens, 6 analog touch buttons, and 8 bottom buttons, but the great key, which makes it a totally versatile device, is that its controls are fully configurable, that is, we can assign the functions we want to the 12 haptic keys in the central section, as well as to the eight lower buttons programmable. In this way, we will always have the functions that we want at a single click.

A key element in this type of device is, of course, versatility, not only so that they are useful for a large number of users, but also in terms of the multiple uses that the same user can give them. At this point, as you may have already imagined, the twelve touch keys can be configured with different functionseach one in a layout, so that we can quickly change from one design to another according to our needs at any given time.

Razer Stream Controller, everything at your fingertips

For example, a streamer who chooses to use the Razer Stream Controller during live streaming to control OBS features, You can change the layout at the end of the live to, for example, select another personalized profile for video editing, in order to edit the live recording and create a video of the best moments of it to upload it to your YouTube channel. Or, for streamers who use a lot of effects in their broadcasts, you can have them organized in several layouts, which you can quickly switch between with the programmable buttons below.

The six analog controls (three to the left and three to the right of the main section) allow, among other things, rMake sound-related settingssuch as adjusting the volume of the microphone, the volume of the background music, etc., without having to resort to the Windows on-screen controls or a separate mixer, which makes managing the live show more comfortable and avoids the need to Purchase a separate mixer.

As for the programmable buttons on the bottom of the Razer Stream Controller, they can be used to quickly switch between the different layouts that we have configured, but we can also assign actions and macros to themeither for direct, for games or for any other type of activity in which they have a place.

In short, we talk aboute a device whose possibilities are limited, exclusively, by the number of uses that we are capable of conceiving, quoting a common phrase, the limit is in our imagination. It is true that it is mainly aimed at streamers, content creators and gamers but, as with other solutions of this type, I have always thought that they can be incredibly useful for experts in getting the most out of Excel, to give just one example . The versatility provided by the fully customizable controls makes it a complete control unit for everything we want.

The Razer Stream Controller will go on sale later this yearand its price will be €269.99.

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