Razer’s new Black Widow unleashes customization

Razer Black Widow V4 Pro

Razer has presented its new gamer keyboard for the most demanding gamers and lovers of sick customization. It’s about a mechanical keyboard packed with RGB lights that offers a series of shortcuts and keypads that will allow the user to have greater control over the shortcuts. In addition to all this, its design is completely focused on the gamer public, so its appearance cannot be more striking.

Buttons, lots of buttons

Razer Black Widow V4 Pro

In addition to being a full keyboard with numeric keypad, the new BlackWidow V4 Pro includes the call Razer Control Diala small rotating wheel that is completely customizable and from which we can have controls such as volume adjustment, zoom in the browser or program among 100 custom modes depending on whether we turn clockwise or counterclockwise.

In addition to this control dial, which is possibly the most striking physical element of the keyboard, on the other side we will find four very useful playback control keys to control what we are playing, and on them a roller-shaped bar that will rotate endlessly and that will be used to scroll on websites and other functions that we define.

And if that was not enough, 5 customizable macro buttons they are placed on the left side, and on this very side, on the side of the keyboard itself, 3 buttons of a slim design will offer 3 more customizable macroswhat they do a total of 8 customizable buttons.

full color light

Razer Black Widow V4 Pro

All the keys are fully illuminated with a system of RGB LEDs, something that would be surprising if we were not talking about Razer. As always, the brand Razer Chroma is present in the new product, allowing a total of 38 zones that will sync seamlessly with other Chroma Connect compatible products via the Razer Synapse 3 app.

in two flavors

Razer Black Widow V4 Pro

When choosing a mechanical keyboard, more and more users pay attention to the types of switches that are included. These switches determine the pulsation speed, pressure level and noise, so it becomes very important for day to day. For that reason, Razer proposes two versions of its BlackWidow V4 Pro, one with green switches (with a drier and more precise click) and another with yellow switches (smoother and quieter).

The price for both is the same, as the Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro has a price of 269.99 euros. Unfortunately for now there is no version with distribution in Spanish, so the only option is to buy the version with United States layout.


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