Read: Firefox prevents Spam, Microsoft 365 against errors and so Chrome looks like Windows 11

Aware of all this, developers try to take care of the appearance of their projects almost as much as they do of their internal functioning. The new Windows 11 serves as an example of all this, in which Microsoft has wanted to focus basically on the operating system user interface. And we not only see it in this case, but most of the programs that we use daily are also updated periodically to keep their interface up to date.

In addition, it is important that it be as customizable as possible, in this way the users themselves will be able to adapt it to their needs or tastes. This is something that is extended to most of the current applications.

The look of Windows 11 in Chrome

Back to Windows 11, to say that the design of its menus is one of the most characteristic and that many of the users have liked the most. That is why some may have thought of take this same design to other applications conventional use. Thinking precisely about this, Google has wanted to make things easier for us in its web browser, Chrome. In fact, if you already have version 96 of the program, you have the possibility of activating a test element that will take these menus to our favorite browser.

At first this function is deactivated by default, but we can activate it from the test page of the application. For all this that we tell you, the first thing we will do is go to the address bar to write the following:


At that moment the new window of experimental functions of the firm will appear on the screen, so in the search box we type Windows 11. Here we already find the function called Windows 11 Style Menus that we will have to activate.

Microsoft 365 bug fix feature

On the other hand, the software giant does not stop working and improving its products, in this case we will focus on the Microsoft 365 office suite. Specifically, we mean that Microsoft has announced a new function in the Microsoft 365 Administration Center that will help us to solve errors in the office suite. This will help us to automatically rule out errors directly related to the programs themselves.

Share Office 365 - 1

Thanks to the new functionality we are talking about, we will see that the failures that occur here will be related to our environment or the users of the suite. It is worth mentioning that these will tell us that it is us or the administrators who will have to take measures to solve them.

Avoid spam with this Firefox feature

Some of you may already be familiar with Mozilla’s built-in browser feature known as Firefox Relay. Here we refer to an email forwarding service that uses an alias that acts as a proxy between real mail and the web. So what we achieve is to block spam using that alias address and not the user’s own for authentication.

In this way, instead of leaving the real email address on that website, Firefox Relay is a temporary one that then forwards the emails to the user’s automatically. We tell you all this because now Mozilla has launched Firefox Relay Premium. While the first function allows you to create up to five email aliases, in the Premium version these are unlimited. In turn we have the possibility of using custom domains. What’s more, Firefox Relay Premium allows us to reproduce emails using the Firefox Relay email address.

Firefox Relay

In this way, what we are going to achieve is to largely avoid a good part of the amount of spam that reaches our email account, automatically.

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