Read: follow YouTube channels from Edge, try Rambox 2.0 and DirectX comes to Linux

If we want to enjoy all kinds of streaming video content, the well-known Google platform, YouTube, is one of the best solutions for it. For example, we only have to access it from our favorite internet browser, as is the case with Microsoft Edge.

It is true that we can do the same from most current browsers, but now we mention the software giant’s solution for a reason. And it is that those from Redmond are testing an interesting function that could satisfy a multitude of users around the world who make regular use of Youtube.

If you use YouTube, this Edge feature will make you fall in love

And it is that right now Microsoft is testing a new way to follow our favorite channels of the video portal in Edge. This is something that is beginning to reach some Insiders of Edge Canary. They have been able to see first-hand a new function of the program when they browsed the YouTube channels. To give you an idea, the feature adds a new Follow Creator button that only appears on certain YouTube channels.

When available, the option appears in the Edge address bar. Thus, when we click the button, we will follow that YouTube channel in Edge. In addition, we achieve all this without having to have a YouTube account. Apparently the new feature mentioned could be considered as an addition to the Microsoft Browser Collections.

All your applications and platforms united in Rambox

On the other hand, we will talk about the new version of this useful application that you will surely love. Specifically, we are referring to the new Rambox 2.0, a solution that allows us to combine your most used applications and services in a single workspace. In fact, version 2.0 has just been released available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is worth mentioning that the application combines a free version and a paid version in a single program.

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It must be said that the new version offers users the possibility of unite around 700 applications and online platforms within one environment. A control panel allows multiple services to be combined in a single window, while others can be activated using the icons on the left panel. The basic functionality is free, while paying users have access to other additional features such as extensions, or support for synchronized use on three devices simultaneously.

Microsoft porting DirectX to Linux

And if we get into open source operating systems, to say that Microsoft has released a new DirectX kernel driver for Linux. This update is a consequence of the firm’s first attempt to bring the technology to the open source system. This DirectX driver has been rewritten from the ground up and layered to help open source reviewers understand how it’s developed. It should be noted that it is now fully compatible with Linux virtualized graphics hardware.

Likewise, there is also an open source space for the family of calculation APIs OpenCL, OpenVINO and OneAPI. This is made effective on Intel GPUs, allowing developers to write code that can run on both Linux and Windows.

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