Read: Google will improve your security, update these programs and Excel will be more fluid

It is more than likely that almost no one likes that their personal data stored on these online platforms circulate freely on the internet. Hence precisely the use of these higher or lower access credentials security. However, over time the attackers have managed to overcome a multitude of barriers to obtain this information. In parallel, the companies dedicated to protecting us have also improved substantially.

This is how Google will force you to improve your security

Before we have mentioned one of the most important firms today in this type of environment, we are talking about Google. In fact, many of these platforms and services over the internet are part of this gigantic company. That is why the top managers of it want to ensure that their hundreds of millions of customers are increasingly protected.

Despite the many security-related features and facilities that are released, many users do not use them. We tell you all this because, as it has just been announced, Google itself is going to impose its two-factor authentication system or 2FA on more than 150 million users. All this is to be carried out before the next year 2022 arrives.

Although it makes us lose a few minutes in its configuration at first, surely in the long run they will all appreciate it.

Microsoft promises a major improvement in Excel

If we focus on another of the current software giants, we have to talk about Microsoft and some of its programs. Specifically, we are going to focus on one of its most widespread and used software solutions around the globe, we refer to Excel. Here we refer to the spreadsheet application that is integrated into the firm’s suite, Office. Many of you already know that this is a program full of functions and formulas that are not very helpful when working with numerical data and mathematical operations.

To all this, a peculiar user interface is added, all of them divided into a huge number of independent and individual cells. Therefore, we have to get used to its use to realize that it is the best way to work with this type of data. However, the displacement between all those thousands of cells It cannot be said that it is the smoothest or the best in these times. In fact, we mentioned this fact to you because now the Redmond-based firm has just promised that it will improve this matter.

Excel interface

Currently Excel does not scroll smoothly in large part because its interface automatically snaps to the top left cell at that scroll. But they are making changes to this behavior that initially affected many other different aspects of the program. But through work Microsoft has achieved a much smoother scrolling when using the mouse wheel or scroll bars. We can even stop traveling halfway in a row or column. This is something that we will begin to see shortly.

Software updates of the week you should watch

Software updates are constantly being released across the internet for all kinds of programs. These are in charge of improving the functions of the software solutions, while improving existing ones and patching vulnerabilities. These updates are released by their developers for practically all the programs that we have installed. now we will review the most recent ones that have been released these days ago.

  • EMDB 4.1: movie and TV series lovers should update as soon as possible this powerful application that helps us keep track of all these contents.
  • PrivaZer 4.0.31: eliminate unnecessary data and tracking elements from your PC with Privazer and thus save disc space and you will keep your privacy.
  • Sandboxie Plus 0.9.7d: this is a very useful application that allows us to run all kinds of software in a safe environment that does not affect the rest of the operating system. This way we will keep safe from possible vulnerabilities or failures that could damage our equipment. The program is just upgrade with a multitude of troubleshooting detected.
  • OnlyOffice 6.4.1: in case you are looking for a free office automation solution with guarantees, this is an interesting proposal that you can use. Also, OnlyOffice has just received an interesting upgrade with a multitude of new functions and improvements for a more functional user experience.

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