Read: Microsoft listens to your complaints, receives praise in Teams and summaries on YouTube

There are several ways, official or not, that we can use through the internet to get in touch with this company. Whether to congratulate them on their work, to advise on some changes in their programs, or to file complaints.

Microsoft listens again to your complaints and requests

However, earlier this year there was quite a stir when Microsoft took down several of its customer feedback sites without warning. But it seems that the firm itself has reconsidered and has just announced a new official portal to send opinions that will be available before the end of the year. This one will launch first for Microsoft 365 and Edge. At the same time it is noted that other products such as Windows will be added next year.

This site will allow users to publish opinions in addition to voting and commenting on those of others. It will also allow you to view previous reviews that have been submitted, view responses from Microsoft, and get updates on the status of our reviews.

Microsoft opinions

On the other hand, we can continue to provide private comments within applications such as Microsoft 365, Teams or Edge.

YouTube will show you the most viewed of a video

YouTube has been the streaming video content portal par excellence for many years, as well as one of the most visited sites on the internet. Here we can find content of all kinds to play and watch for free. In addition, these contents do not stop growing with the passage of time all over the world. Also, its owner company, GoogleIt also offers us a growing number of additional functions to make the experience better.

We tell you all this because at the moment tests are being carried out with a new functionality that will surely be liked by many. It is about the possibility that we can see first-hand the parts of a video determined that more have been viewed. That way we will have the possibility to save time by going to the parts that are possibly the most interesting. Just click on the playback bar so that this integrated player graphically shows us the parts that have been seen the most by other users in Youtube.

youtube parts

Soon you will receive and send congratulations on your work in Teams

From what is now being known, Microsoft will soon not make it easy to recognize both its own effort and that of others in the collaborative Teams work. Thus, users will be able to send compliments to others through an extension anchored to the application’s messaging bar. This new feature will allow you to see the compliments and compliments sent and received during the last six months.

teams tokyo

This will include both those sent from both the extension and the app Live Insights. In turn, these messages sent in Teams will include a link so that users can see their personal history. And it is that in this type of collaborative work it never hurts to receive certain pats on the back, as well as send them those that we consider deserve them.

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