Real and dynamic Monterey scenery wallpapers


With macOS Big Sur disappeared the typical California landscape referred to in the name of the Mac software version. We went from seeing Catalina Island at different times of the day, to four colored spots that abstractly represented the cliffs of the Big Sur coast of California.

And said abstract fashion continues in the wallpaper of macOS Monterey. Four purple-colored spots want to represent the famous mountainous area of ​​California. But if you are one of those who like classic landscapes, you’re in luck …

We suppose that to give a modern and futuristic touch to the latest version of the software for this year’s Macs, Apple has decided to do without a wallpaper of a real image of the area of California Named after this year’s version of macOS.

We no longer have an option to change the wallpaper abstract from macOS Monterey, for the version of a real image of the famous California mountains of the Monterey area, as was the case in previous versions of macOS.

Gone is that image of the Catalina Island, with its different shades depending on the time of day you were. If you miss this landscape, some photographers have dedicated themselves to solving the problem for us.

Hike to Monterey

The photographer Andrew Levitt and his friends, they thought that this could not stay that way. So they got their cameras and their backpacks, and they went to the mountainous area of ​​Monterey, California, and looked for a good photograph that represented that particular area.

And so they have created for all of us a static wallpaper and another dynamic (that changes according to the hours of the day) of Monterey so that we can add it to our Macs. You can download these wallpapers for free on the author’s website.

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