Real life vampires: Mom and 7-year-old daughter are allergic to the sun due to a rare disease

A 30 year old woman and her little girl daughter of 7 They call themselves “real life vampires“Well, like these dark fantastic beings, neither of us tolerates the sun because medical issues. They enjoy and joke to identify as such, however, they have received offenses and criticism by religious groups that do not understand their condition.

At the age of 16, Kylie szafranski, from Phoenix, Arizona, was diagnosed with erythropoietic protoporphyria (PPE), a hereditary disease characterized by photosensitivity, so he always takes extreme precautions such as protect your skin against ultraviolet rays (UV) and a special product to ‘shield’ your car windows, for example.

Commonly, this health condition is known as “vampire disease“, since during the Middle Ages, thus the supposed creatures were ‘identified’, because they looked paleThey did not tolerate sunlight and felt very tired. However, today it is known that PPE causes anemia, which is the reason for these symptoms.

Kylie has learned to cope with her illness, however, on occasions she has been singled out – mainly by religious groups – as being a crazy person or daughter of Satan, “I’ve gotten some really dark comments … I’ve been called demonic and told that my kids, especially the quads, are product of witchcraft“, he told The Mirror.

For this reason, the young woman has dedicated herself to disseminating information on networks about erythropoietic protoporphyria and refuting those beliefs of centuries ago, because although she has received many messages of support, the offenses are also present due to her genetic condition.

Your daughter is sick too

Kylie is married to Phillip, 41, and they are both they have five children: Damon, Emery, Gideon and Theo, who are quadruplets and three years old; and River, a seven-year-old girl who inherited the condition from her mother. The woman and her husband discovered that the girl was sick also when she was a baby, since her skin was filled with hives when they put on her protector and exposed her to the sun for a few moments.

However, River’s condition is even stranger than her mother’s, because while she only has an allergy to sunlight, the little girl also have allergic reactions to sunscreen or lotion: when using them, a contact dermatitis appears, a condition that includes itchy, swollen, and blistered rash, which only provides less than one percent of the world’s population.

With information from The Mirror


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