RealFund tokenizes for the first time the debt with Metrovacesa and Datacasas

The Regulatory Sandbox It is a project designed to develop new products and encourage innovation in financial services in safe environments.

The objective of this plan is to launch a participating loan requested by Datahouses Proptech through blockchain technology, with the aim of financing the development of a remote home sales systemBasicnex, to digitally market the project developed by Metrovacesa, Malaga Towerslocated in Malaga capital.

This initiative is part of Metrovacesa’s innovation strategy, with the aim of developing new digital home purchasing models, in this specific case, aimed at foreign customers. The extensive experience of the developer and its leadership in terms of innovation has allowed it, in addition to providing the homes for sale in one of its most outstanding developments, to design the use case for the project, also acting as a link between RealFund and Datacasas proptech.

This project thus becomes the first debt issuance through tokens requested by Datacasas Proptech and will be technologically developed by RealFund within the regulatory Sandbox under the supervision of the CNMV, which will promote the creation of a unique sales tool in the market.

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Those interested in investing in this project will have the security of doing so within a secure system controlled by the CNMV, with total transparency given that the corresponding information is recorded immutably in the block chain. Likewise, the loan has been issued in accordance with the requirements of the capital companies law.

Through the Datacasas website, those interested in investing (the investor’s informed consent will be obtained as it is a Sandbox), will find all the information related to the investment process. The minimum investment is 300 euros (corresponding to 30 tokens worth 10 euros each) and is disbursed into an “escrow” account (deposit account).

Once the entire participatory loan is obtained, the investment will be closed and the funds held in the escrow account will be transferred to Datacasas and, through RealFund technology, the tokens will be issued, which will be sent to the investor’s digital wallet (recommended wallet Metamask).

Repayment of amount plus interest

After a period of six months, Datacasas will return to each investor the amount invested plus the fixed interest generated, which amounts to 6% in one semester, and a variable interest to be determined based on the sales made in the Metrovacesa Málaga Towers development through basicnex. The investor will decide if he wants to receive the interest in euros or in a stable coins pegged to the US dollar.

Users of the Decentraland metaverse, where Metrovacesa and Datacasas are already marketing the Málaga Towers development, will find information on purchasing the tokens associated with this project in their building.

José García Caballero, CEO of RealFund, noted: “Through tokenization, we democratize investment in real estate, improving its security, transparency and, above all, its liquidity. RealFund substantially streamlines the process of issuing, holding and transmitting fractions of real estate value, using blockchain technology.”

For his part, Santiago Cabezas-Castellanos, CEO of Datacasas Proptech, indicated: “Having the opportunity to access investment through tokenization and having the supervision of the CNMV is one more step for our start-up and allows us to be the Proptech benchmark in Europe. Better travel companions are impossible: Metrovacesa and RealFund. Our “basicnex” sales system, successfully brought to the metaverse, has already sold properties in 2021 for more than 12 million euros, so at this point, now is the time to grow. The blockchain offers a world of possibilities, and at Datacasas Proptech we have the vocation to be at the forefront”

Carmen Chicharro, Metrovacesa’s commercial, marketing and innovation director, highlighted: “Metrovacesa decided four years ago to bet on Blockchain as a strategic line of innovation. This project is a clear example of this commitment and of the teamwork between corporate and startups, in a disruptive project in which a tokenized participatory loan is brought to reality, accessible from the metaverse, whose tokens and their interests will be sent, if so the user wishes, to his wallet. The benefits of this technology, such as immutability, make sense by providing greater confidence to the investor”

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