Realme Buds Q2: you can’t ask for more, they’re cheap and they sound good

realme Buds Q2, video analysis

Comfortable and very light headphones

The realme Buds Q2 are one of the brand’s cheapest proposals And yet it could be one of the most interesting considering the experience and its price, but first let’s talk about how they are physically.

As you can see, these are in-ear, button-shaped headphones. Here there is no type of stick that sticks out, which can be an advantage or the opposite depending on the preferences of each one. If in your case you are not one of those who usually have problems with these types of proposals and they fit you well, then it will not matter to you. If, on the other hand, they tend to fall, it is true that those that include a cotton swab tend to hold them better.

However, as that is already something very personal to each one of us, what I can tell you is that build quality seems good to me and both for dimensions and weight are very comfortable. So much so that you practically forget the short time you wear them. And that’s great, but if like me you don’t usually take them off when you don’t listen to music, you may be afraid that they will fall off and you don’t even realize it.

Next to the physical aspect, the case is very small as well. Basically it has the egg to store each of the headphones and integrate the electronics and the additional battery that will allow you to extend the total hours of use to about 20 hours as I will tell you later.

The only negative point is the very touch of the case, which has been somewhat slippery for me. It may only happen to me, but I will tell you so that you take it into account. And not because it is going to be falling out of your hands, but because to open it sometimes it is difficult to slip if you do not take advantage of that slot it has so that you can pull it. And I have doubts about its resistance to falls, especially because of the top cover.

A very good autonomy

Taking into account the type of headset it is, you will allow me to tell you that autonomy is possibly one of its most important qualities. Not because it offers an exorbitant number of hours, more or less four and a half hours is the usual thing, but if we add those offered by this charging case we have as a result some 20 hours that are not bad at all.

Of course, taking into account that most realme mobile phones already offer USB C, that the case makes use of micro USB it’s kind of weird and a bit of a bummer. At least for me it is already, especially since it does not offer wireless charging of course for the price it has.

An app to improve the user experience

Like other realme devices, these realme Buds Q2 can be paired with any Bluetooth device by simply activating the corresponding mode. Of course, if you want to get more out of it, then you will have to make use of the realmelink app available for iOS and Android.

Through this application you can configure aspects such as sound, activating an improvement that enhances the bass or noise cancellation for calls that are not bad at all. Something that is valued when they call you and you want your interlocutor to hear you clearly.

Still they are touch controls related settings The most interesting. Each one of the headphones integrates a touch panel that by means of a touch, two, three or a long press perform a certain action that can be varied depending on the touch on the left, right or both at the same time.

It’s worth stopping, looking at the options, and adjusting them in the way that works best for you. Because you could even activate the voice assistant of your phone through them or activate the game mode. This reduces latency and that to play or watch video content is essential so that the image is synchronized with respect to the audio.

Sound quality that meets your expectations

The realme Buds Q2 are headphones that cost only 29.99 euros and therefore must be valued with the retail price always in mind. So, How do these headphones sound? Well the answer is that fairly good.

Let’s see, they cannot be compared with the sound experience of the latest TWS headphones from Sony, Apple’s AirPods Pro, those from Bose or any other model that normally costs three, four or even almost ten times more. But if this is understood the truth is that the experience with all kinds of music is very successful.

Also, being able to use them to train because they offer IPX4 protection They make them a very interesting option for those looking for true wireless headphones that, if lost or damaged, will not be a drama.

For 30 euros, few better options you will find

In the market there is a great variety of headphones of this type, however few would tell you right now that they can surpass what these from realme offer. There are, sure, but if you ask me for an advice right now about which inexpensive headphones, very cheap and wireless could you get my answer would be clear: the realme Buds Q2.

They are a very comfortable option to use on a day-to-day basis, also discreet and both the connection is stable and the application offers the necessary options to adapt the experience to your preferences. Logically, if you want 360 audio or other more high-end features, you will not have them, but it sure did not cross your head to ask them seeing what they cost.

So that’s my opinion after trying them for a while. The realme Buds Q2 can rest easy because in their price range they are quite competitive. And that is not something that any product can always say in front of its direct competition.

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