Realme is preparing a curious magnetic charger with integrated fan

MagSafe technology has obviously inspired other brands since the Chinese manufacturer Realme is preparing a magnetic charger similar to that of Apple. A charger that is more powerful, more efficient… and much more bulky.

Introduced at the end of 2020, the new generation MagSafe recharge has opened up many possibilities in the Apple ecosystem. The wireless magnetic charging mechanism leaves the field open to manufacturers of accessories to create more or less interesting gadgets. So it was only a matter of time before someone copied the idea.

Fast and cumbersome

The honor goes to the Chinese manufacturer Realme which, according to the site GSM Arena, will soon present its technology dubbed MagDart alongside a future compatible phone. The principle is the same as with MagSafe (a wireless charger with magnets), but the execution differs quite widely.

Realme’s MagDart wireless charger // Source: GizmoChina

The charger from Realme has, as we can see, a fan in addition to the simple recharging coil. It’s a safe bet that this component was placed there, because the manufacturer wants to produce a wireless charger capable of climbing beyond the 15 watts offered by current induction chargers.

But by wanting to focus on performance, Realme forgets ergonomics. The advantage of magnetic charging is that it leaves the field open to the use of the telephone. The Apple roller, for example, is light and takes up enough space so that you can grab the phone without having to take off the charger.

The beginning of magnetic charging on Android?

The Realme charging station looks too large to be grabbed at the same time as the phone. It will necessarily be left on a table, which reduces the interest of the magnetic mechanism. Fortunately, Realme is also preparing another model of magnetic charger whose design looks much more like that of Apple, according to the site GizmoChina.

This first foray by an Android manufacturer into the world of magnetic chargers is a first step towards the democratization of this type of accessory, beyond the Apple ecosystem. If the manufacturers manage to agree on a standard, we could see the emergence of a whole ecosystem of accessories for Android phones.

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