Realme Watch 2 Pro: an (almost) perfect smartwatch at a reasonable price

Realme Watch 2 Pro: video analysis

Design for the big spheres

As I always tell you in the new reviews, let me first show you the main details of the design of this device. And it is that, as his own surname ahead of us, this Watch 2 Pro is a team of great characteristics.

What is most striking in this section is a great 1.75 “screen. A color screen of course, with a 600 nit peak brightness that will give us the possibility to see it perfectly even when the light falls directly on it. Of course, if you are not into wearing oversized watches, we already anticipate that this may not be the best option for you.

Through this panel is where we will see all the data that the watch can provide us and, as we see in other competitive products, we can customize it to our liking with spheres. This is something that many models inherited from the Apple Watch and that, in the end, translates into an advantage for the user. If we press and hold we can choose from a lot of available watchfaces and, if we want more, we can find them from their app on our smartphone.

Other details on an aesthetic level is that it has a button on its side that will only serve to lock, unlock or turn off the clock.

And, if we turn it around, we find the back of this device, where the sensors, the charging port and the hooks are located to be able to change the strap. Regarding the charging system, it is magnetized, so it will be very easy to attach and detach it from its base.

On the other hand, speaking of the straps, it has a silicone one with the slogan “Dare to Leap” manufacturer. But, if we want to change it for another, it has the typical easy to remove and change coupling. In addition, this bracelet includes a stopper so that the excess does not come off the buckle. Something simple but that I liked at the level of detail and experience.

Correct, but not perfect experience

Now I want to go on to tell you about the experience of using this realme smartwatch. And it is that for the price that it has, which I anticipate that they are less than 100 euros, it is in the average of what we usually find in the market. Although yes, it has certain details at the software level that I hope will change in future updates.

Handling this watch is very similar to the use we have with other alternatives. Everything will have to be done through gestures on your screen:

  • If we slide from the top down we access the notification panel. Here we can receive WhatsApp alerts, emails or even calls. But yes, we can only see these notifications, we will not be able to respond to them because this watch does not have a microphone.
  • Making a swipe from left to right we arrive at the panel of quick access. Here we have several functions such as the do not disturb mode, the brightness level, the flashlight or the lift to turn on the screen. By pressing directly on these accesses we will alter said parameter quickly and without entering the smartwatch settings. Which, by the way, also has quick access in this section.
  • On the contrary, sliding from right to left we will arrive at the different screens of Widgets or clock functions. Here we can see our daily physical activity, see the record of our sleep, know our heart rate, the time in our zone or control the music on the phone. The order of these screens can be altered through the app for our smartphone.
  • Finally, if you want to access all the applications or functionalities of the realme Watch 2 Pro, you will only have to make a swipe from the bottom of the screen. Here we get to details such as the measurement of blood oxygen saturation, control of the phone’s camera, the function of finding my mobile or the sports modes. Which, by the way, are more than 90 modes those that we have available and where we will find sports of all kinds.

It seems to me that this Realme Watch 2 Pro is a super complete smartwatch, including the possibilities of any other model even with a higher price. We can follow our physical activity in detail because, in addition, it has Integrated GPS and IP68 protection so that we can wet it without problems.

The battery is another of its strengths. According to the manufacturer, this model has a autonomy of 14 days at most. I have not been able to test it for all that time but, in this week of use that I have with it, the battery has behaved incredibly well. I have no doubt that, depending on how you use it, yes, it can reach those 14 days without many problems.

We will also have the possibility of receiving notifications from most of the apps on the phone, although we will not be able to respond to them as I told you before. And all this for a fairly adjusted price of less than 100 euros.

But of course, like any other device on the market, not everything has been perfect in my experience. In this case, luckily, I think that all the details are things that can be corrected through a Software update.

When it comes to navigating through the interface, I sometimes notice a certain lag that, without being worrying, is there. While I have been using it I got an update that improved this to some extent, but still I still notice little glitches in the touch response from time to time.

By the way, all these updates come through the app that we use to link the watch to our phone, be it an Android or an iPhone. Here we will have access to the in-depth data that the watch is capable of measuring on a day-to-day basis, certain settings of the watch, the change of the spheres as I said before and the updates. But of course, this app has certain aspects to improve both at the aesthetic level and, above all, the detail that certain parts are not fully translated although it establishes Spanish as a language.

And the same, although much lighter, happens with certain settings of the watch. For example, if we access the blood oxygen saturation section to measure the parameter, the translation is SaO2 (Sa saturation) when the correct name would be SpO2 although we use it in Spanish.

Or, for example, even with the lift-to-wake active configured (which works perfectly), if I touch the watch screen when it is off it does not react and we are forced to press the button on the side or make the wrist gesture itself to to turn on.

As I was saying, they are small details that are not too important at all that the manufacturer will surely correct with future updates of the watch through software.

Therefore, if you want a smartwatch that can keep up with you from day to day without spending too much, I think this Realme Watch 2 Pro is a good bet that you can find very interesting. Of course, like other economic models, it has its small limitations.

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