realme will fight against Amazon with its Smart TV Stick 4K

I really want to control your TV

realme has presented its first HDMI stick, a device that is nothing new since other manufacturers such as Google, Xiaomi or Amazon have been offering this type of solution that allows you to convert any screen with an HDMI connection into a Smart TV. The interesting thing here is that it bets on the latest Google operating system for the TV, Google tv.

Physically the device does not differ from the rest of the solutions. It is a small stick with HDMI connection that connects directly to the same port on the TV. Then, through a USB C socket, it is powered by obtaining energy directly from a USB from the screen or from a power adapter and little else.

As we say, nothing new. So the interesting thing will have to be found in the characteristics that the HDMI stick will offer. This will integrate Google TV as an operating system or Smart TV platform. This represents the latest proposal from Google and offers an interface that we have already talked about when we analyzed the most recent Chromecast with Google tv. A layer that focuses the experience on the user and the content that interests them. An interesting change from what Android TV offered and continues to offer with its old layer.

Regarding the technical characteristics, the realme 4K Smart Google TV Stick it will be able to reproduce content at a maximum resolution of 4K and at 60 frames per second. In addition to this, thanks to the compatibility with the HDMI 2.1 standard, you will also be able to play HDR10 + content. In order to enjoy the maximum quality that services such as Netflix or Prime Video, among others, can offer.

Price and availability

For now there is no data about the price and where it will go on sale. The device has been announced as a teaser, but until on the 13th they will not be made official all those details that interest us so much as users.

However, taking into account the history of realme and the strategy that it has followed recently with other devices, it is very likely that it will have a low price that allows it to compete with other solutions on the market, such as those from Google, Xiaomi and Amazon.

Realme goes for Amazon’s Fire TVs

Competing against Amazon’s Fire TV Stick could be realme’s top priority, because ultimately it is the e-commerce giant that is easiest to attract new users thanks to its aggressive offers.

If realme is able to offer an attractive price and launch it in the largest number of markets, it could surpass Google itself and even Xiaomi. What’s more, with this launch and the previous ones, it seems that I am really convinced that it may be the new Xiaomi, because little by little it is getting into more areas.

The company started by selling only mobile phones and from there it already has quantification bracelets, smart watches, robot vacuum cleaners, laptops, tablets, televisions and now HDMI sticks. Many of these products for now are exclusive to India, although countries like Spain are gaining importance for the brand.

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