Reappearance of COVID-19 cases, locks up Europe again

“Vaccinated, cured or dead” at the end of winter: fear beats Germany before the explosion of contagions of COVID-19, while the neighbor Austria yesterday began a new confinement, an unprecedented measure in Europe since the massive vaccination campaign.

Up to 900 thousand jobs will be at risk if the European Union (EU) is once again imposing radical limitations on mobility to curb new waves of the pandemic this winter, warned the World Travel and Tourism Council. He estimated losses of 35 billion euros.

The return of the anti-COVID-19 restrictions provoked violence last weekend in several European countries, once again the epicenter of the epidemic, especially in the Netherlands, whose prime minister denounced acts of “pure violence” committed by “idiots.”

With a shocking phrase, the German Health Minister, Jens Spahn, asked people to get vaccinated “urgently” and warned that “at the end of winter everyone will be vaccinated, cured or dead” due to the spread of the Delta variant, “very , very dangerous”.

Meanwhile, the number of new daily infections in Germany exceeded the record of 65 thousand cases.

In Germany, as in Austria, the vaccination rate is less than 70%, a lower level than other European countries.

Meanwhile, the Austrians, despite discontent on the streets, are once again confined. Shops, restaurants, Christmas markets, concert halls and hairdressers closed their doors in Vienna since yesterday.

As in previous confinements, the 8.9 million Austrians, in theory, are prohibited from leaving their home except to shop, practice sports or receive medical attention.

For its part, Greece imposed a series of restrictions to combat the spike in COVID-19 cases, which has pushed the death rate to almost double that of the EU.

From now until December 6, it will be mandatory to wear the mask in all workplaces, there will be staggered hours in the public and private sectors, and it will be mandatory to present the vaccination card, or if you have recently recovered, to enter to all enclosed entertainment venues.

Meanwhile, Slovakia began to apply confinement for non-inoculated people, the Ministry of Health said, in an attempt to curb one of the infection rates.

Unvaccinated people will be prohibited from entering stores that are not considered essential, such as grocery stores or pharmacies, even with a negative coronavirus test.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo denounced “absolutely unacceptable” violence, a day after a demonstration in Brussels against anti-COVID restrictions that degenerated into clashes with the Police.

The European Commission, he said, is in contact with the countries most affected by the new increases in infections, “those with the lowest vaccination rates,” to offer support in the fight against misinformation.


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