Reasons to buy AirPods Pro now (and with a discount)

The AirPods Pro They were released almost 2 years ago. However, they are still on sale the best headphones of this type from Apple, apart from the AirPods Max in its headband format. However we can find them now at minimum price, which makes us wonder if it is a good idea to buy them at this point. And we think so, so in this post we will give you the arguments why we believe it.

Why are they still a good choice?

We can summarize our argument in 6 reasons The main ones that, in case you are not already convinced, will help you choose the AirPods Pro at a time like the current one.

  • Sound quality: for the type of headphones that they are, they have a very balanced sound quality. No distortions and no weird stuff. Adding features such as noise cancellation to better focus on content in situations where the environment is not the most favorable.
  • Comfort: far from being like other in-ear headphones, these tend to look good even to those who tend to drop this type of headset. Its three sizes of rubber bands included in the box allow it to adapt to all types of ears.
  • Autonomy: Taking into account how small they are, they have a great autonomy that allows 4-5 hours of uninterrupted playback that is multiplied with the extra charge that can be had in its charging case, which in a few minutes can give you battery again to continue enjoying your audio content.

  • Synchronization with Apple computers: They are used for Android and Windows, but the harmony that these devices have with the iPhone, iPad and Mac is enviable. They even have automatic connection just by putting them on and being close to the device you want to use, pressing play and being able to listen to your music without having to connect them manually.
  • Uncertain future: Obviously there will be AirPods Pro 2 at some point, but it’s all too uncertain yet. At least they are expected in 2022, but its changes may not be disruptive enough to make it worth waiting, especially without having anything clear yet.
  • Price: The discount that they currently have, and that we will tell you next, makes them a little caramel and that is sure to be much lower than the one that those hypothetical AirPods Pro 2 mentioned above will have.

Where to get these discounted AirPods Pro

In Apple they continue to cost 279 euros as in its release on the market in 2019, but in Amazon it is possible to find them with 80 euros discount. This is a really interesting sale if we add the fact that you can return them if they don’t satisfy you or they don’t fit you. And if you keep them you can enjoy 2 years warranty with coverage from Apple during the first of these and from Amazon during the second.

airpods pro

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