Reasons to use WAV instead of MP3 when working with audio on PC

The use of multimedia content on our computer does not stop growing over the years. There are several reasons involved in all this such as the hardware components that we have at our fingertips, as well as the software available. Here we want to focus on the audio, specifically on two file types more than extended, WAV and MP3.

While everything related to video has become a very important part of our computers, we cannot ignore sound. We use this independently to, for example, listen to our favorite music. But at the same time we can make use of it in conjunction with other elements. To give us an idea, the audio can serve us for our video comps, create our own songs, etc.

Now, the truth is that at the moment we have a good number of file formats of this type to choose from. Perhaps two of the most used and widespread in the world are those mentioned WAV and MP3, but the differences between the two are important. It is precisely for this reason that we are telling you that below we are going to comment on some of the main reasons why we should opt for WAV rather than MP3.

Better sound quality with WAV

It must be said that a WAV file in general terms will offer us a more professional quality despite taking up more space. For example, these, when not using compression, have a full 22KHz frequency response. This is a more than acceptable range for the human ear, but MP3s have a maximum frequency response of about 18 KHz.

At first we could think that this value is somewhat lower but that the difference is not excessive. However, for the most demanding users in this type of audio files and professionals in the sector, this is a very important difference. Hence, these more advanced users or those who are dedicated to this type of work at a professional level, prefer to use a WAV file. For all this in the case that we work on a music project and we need to generate sound files with the minimal loss, WAV is a better option.

Format suitable for editing

If what we are looking for is a sound format to work on in audio editing projects, it is also preferable that we opt for a WAV instead of a MP3. Keep in mind that if you can download directly with an uncompressed format, which gives us greater freedom and support in the project.

Audacity Linux

In this way, at first we will have a base with the highest quality, which in turn we will have the possibility of compressing during export if we need it.

Storage problems compared to MP3

One of the main reasons why many users choose to use MP3 is that they are much easier to handle, transfer and transport. The reason for all this is that they take up a lot of a disk, which sometimes makes them more functional. However, it is also true that current equipment and devices increasingly make larger units available to us.

It is precisely for all this that these WAV problems When it comes to storing or dealing with them due to their size, it is reduced over time.

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