Reasons why Excel is better than Word when creating a calendar

We have put these two clear examples because perhaps they are one of the best known and most used office programs in the world. Many of you will already know first-hand that the first one focuses on the editing and creation of all kinds of texts. However, in these lines we are going to focus on the second proposal, Excel, an application focused on the creation of spreadsheets through numerical data, fundamentally. It is worth mentioning that this is a software aimed at both ordinary users and large corporations.

Everything will depend to a large extent on the extent to which we want to delve into the application and take advantage of the functions it makes available to us. Be part of the office suite Office from the software giant and offers all kinds of utilities to its millions of users. In fact, both at the business level and at the end user level, this is an advanced program that is used many times to create simple as well as useful calendars.

Although at first this task seems specific to some design programNot at all, Excel will be very useful for these projects for several reasons. Some of these are the ones that we will talk about below to give you an idea.

The structure of the user interface

One of the main characteristics of this program is the user interface structure that it proposes. It is made up of a huge number of cells that help us to add numerical data and formulas. In addition, this structure is very useful when viewing the results of the operations that we have specified. But thanks to this cell-based ordering that we find, for example, when creating projects such as a calendar, it will be extremely useful. However, with the blank document proposed by the interface of Word, we will find ourselves in the opposite case.

Keep in mind that these cells can be resized, delimited or even put together to create larger ones. As you can imagine, all this will be of enormous help to us when creating calendars with a suitable design with little effort.

Be able to work with multiple objects in Excel

Although Excel is an application specially dedicated for the use of numerical data, is not limited to them. From here we have the possibility to work with texts, graphics, add images, links and even videos. This allows us, with a little creativity, to give a much more personal and striking aspect to the project we are working on now in the form of calendar.

Excel graphics insert

In addition, we can add some of these elements so that it is a little more useful and striking, depending on the type of use that we are going to make of it. Uniting all the points that we have commented to you, with a little experience we will design spectacular calendars in a seemingly professional show. But that’s not all, if we want to complicate ourselves even less, Excel itself offers us a series of predesigned templates for this type of project.

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