Reasons why Google should launch its own Smart TV and a more powerful player

The Internet giant has made Android TV / Google TV the great benchmark in the Smart TV sector. Sure, there are great alternatives, like Samsung’s Tizen, but no one can beat the Mountain View-based company’s smart TV operating system. And this is one of the reasons why Google should launch its own Smart TV.

the signature entered the telephony market years ago with its Google Pixel, the first phones of the American giant. Not to mention his family tablets. It’s even an open secret that the company is working on a Google Pixel Watch, the company’s first smartwatch, in addition to a phone with a folding screen. And why not a smart TV?

The first thing you may think is that Google does not have sufficient infrastructure to be able to manufacture its own television. And that is true, but it is also true that the first versions of the Google Pixel were manufactured by HTC and LG. In this way, Google supervised the process, but took advantage of the experience of these manufacturers to create a “Google-branded” mobile phone. And the same could be done with a hypothetical Smart TV.

The relationship between Google and Samsung is very good

In the sector of Google SmartTV It has Sony as its main ally, since it is the manufacturer that most supports the different versions of its operating system. But keep in mind that Google’s relationship with Samsung is high.

To the point that, on the one hand, Samsung has jointly developed with Google the latest version of Wear OS, Google’s operating system for wearables. And, as expected, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 was the first device to feature this operating system.

On the other hand, the latest family of Pixel phones debuted the Google Tensor, first own processor of the American company manufactured by, of course, Samsung. Not to mention the fact that the big G does not stop talking about the benefits offered by the Korean manufacturer’s folding phones.

And of course, taking into account that Google has its own solutions in the telephony market and smart watches and a more than likely laptop will arrive very soon to power Chrome OS (Google’s operating system for computers), the next step would be a Smart TV.

In addition, and as we have told you, the first versions do not have to be manufactured by Google, but you can bet on one of their partners for it. Something similar to what Amazon has done with the first editions of the Google Pixel.

A TV focused on services like Stadia

i control google stadia

Google has a range of possibilities for its first smart TV, but it would be best to offer a model designed to get the most out of Google Stadia. Thanks to this, it would not need high-end features either, so you could start with a cheap QLED panel from Samsung or even the OLED technology found in the LG A2 and B2.

In addition, this television would be in charge of giving more momentum to Google TV, an operating system that has not just started despite the efforts of Sony and TCL, the only manufacturers that support this new interface today. Later on, it could expand its range of products as it picks up pace in the market.

And the main reason why Google should launch its own TV? Brand image. Just as it has entered the telephony market, and very soon it will jump to the smartwatches market, the next logical step would be to surprise with a Smart TV Pixel by Google. They still surprise at the next developer conference, Google I/O 2022, which will be held next May. Although at the moment it is very soon. Of course, we are sure that in the coming years the giant of online sales will end up making the leap. The question will be whether it will bet on Sony, LG or Samsung to make its first smart TV.

The Chromecast is no longer up to the task, it’s time to renew

chrome cast

Regarding a possible multimedia player from Google more vitaminized, in this case we do believe that the manufacturer is obliged to do so. The Chromecast family has great success among users due to its popularity, but it is far below its rivals. For example, when we had the opportunity to review the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max, it was clear to us that its performance is superior to that of Chromecast with Google TV. And that its price is a little lower.

We know that the big G is working on a new multimedia player with the code name Boreal, but although at first it seemed that they would finally offer a product with a face and eyes, the latest rumors point to a decaffeinated model of Chromecast with Google TV. And what the company needs is a Google TV Box with a face and eyes.

The Chromecast family has fallen far behind its rivals, and the only reason the Nvidia Shield TV, the best media player on the market, doesn’t outsell is because it’s a very niche product and sadly quite unknown. . Yes, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtelling someone that you have paid more than 100 euros for an Android TV player is risky: if they don’t know about the subject, they will tell you that for 30 euros you have a Chromecast. Of course, but the difference is abysmal.

Nvidia ShieldTV

It is true that the launch of the latest Chromecast served as a showcase for Google TV, but today Google has to hit the table and show that it can manufacture hardware on a par with the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Nvidia Shield TV or TV Pro.

Besides, already in 2014 they tried their luck with the Nexus Player, although its limited operation made it a sales failure. But things have changed a lot since then, and now Google can present a much more powerful product, and with its own Tensor processor, that allows you to squeeze the benefits of Google TV and Stadia.

In addition, it should be remembered that Samsung has its Exynos 2200 SoC, the first mobile processor with support for Ray Tracing, which guarantees image quality when playing video games beyond any doubt. We will have to wait to see if Google’s roadmap ends up including a Pixel TV and a multimedia player that offers performance to match, But for now, they are just an opinion.

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