Reasons why the Microsoft Store should be optional

When we install Windows from scratch on a new computer, we find a series of pre-installed apps. For many users these, or a good part of them, are expendable and only take up space unnecessarily, as is the case with the Microsoft Store.

Here we are actually talking about the UWP applications that we can install and that are largely an implicit part of the operating system. But over time it has been shown that for some these integrated software solutions are a reason not to use Windows. And it is not only that, but we can also download many other universal applications from the official store, the Microsoft Store.

As with everything related to the UWP applications mentioned, for Windows Store it cannot be said that it has many followers. All this despite the fact that the company itself has been betting heavily on this section for a long time. And it is that you have to take into consideration that a self-respecting operating system must have a full-fledged application store.

In fact and with the healthy purpose of turning this situation around, at least in part, the Redmond people have just obviously updated their official store. This has coincided with the arrival just a few weeks ago of the new Windows 11 system. But with everything and with it and despite the work done by Microsoft, its Store does not finish convincing the majority. Precisely for all this, some wonder why this element is not optional when installing Windows on our PC. That is why below we will see some of the reasons why it should be this way.

Why the Microsoft Store shouldn’t be installed by default

We have already told you before that the Windows Microsoft Store is not one of the most loved items of the operating system, far from it. Therefore, one of the reasons why the store should be optional when installing the system from scratch is that not everyone considers it essential. The main reason for all this is that they prefer download your favorite programs from the official website from its developer.

Therefore, this could be considered as one of the main reasons why the Store should be optional. At the same time we should take into consideration that, whether we use it or not, this is an element prone to crashes that can affect the rest of the operating system. And not only that, but sometimes when we download applications or games from here, remove them later from our disk drives it can become a real ordeal. This is another reason why many users around the world try to avoid downloading and installing universal Windows applications.

After all that has been discussed so far, we can come to the conclusion that the Microsoft Store could be perfectly optional on Windows. This would allow it to be installed only in those cases in which users were actually going to use it, however this is a change that we will probably never see in Windows. And it is that as we mentioned before, every operating system, mobile or desktop, must have its own application store together

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