Reasons why the Pro Display XDR is worth it

We weren’t used to seeing Apple make their own monitors, and if you bought one, the screen was always external. But that changed in 2019 with the arrival of the Pro Display XDR monitor, since it is a monitor with a very good image quality, and with resolution characteristics never before seen on a screen. In this post we tell you some of the strengths of this monitor.

In 2019, Apple surprised the world with the launch of a computer monitor with quite good image quality, becoming the ideal complement to a Mac. Like all products, it has very good things and others not so good. In this case, one of the weak points is the price, somewhat high, but justified due to the features it offers.

This is the best of the Pro Display XDR

We must not forget that it is a monitor dedicated to the professional sector, which is why the Cupertino company has decided to provide it with cutting-edge specifications. The most important are some like a 32-inch 6K monitor, with 6K resolution and 20 million pixels. It also has precise calibration, with a 10-bit P3 wide color gamut, an HDR that has evolved to become Extreme Dynamic Range or XDR. The contrast of 1,000,000:1, with a brightness of 1,000 nits sustained. It features reference modes, super wide and quiet viewing angle, and of course Thunderbolt connectivity.

The maximum brightness it can reach is 1,600 nits, with 1,000 nits being the level you can maintain consistently with no problem. Each LED is individually calibrated and content is displayed the way it will later look in reality. The screen has an anti-reflective coating and there is a matte option.

It is clear that this monitor stands out on its own. It has some fairly small frames and a rear part different from what Apple had us used to. It is a modular design in which the monitor and stand can be separated. In fact, there is a separately sold VESA mount to mount the Pro Display XDR. This Pro Display XDR monitor is loaded with technology since you can connect up to six of these monitors in line to a Mac Pro. As we have said before, one of the weakest points of this monitor is its price, and that is that the Pro Display XDR It is a modular design with the following prices:

  • Monitor: 5,499 euros.
  • Version with nano-textures: 6,499 euros.
  • Support-arm: 1,099 euros. It should be noted that the arm allows you to move the monitor in different positions with little effort. It will also be possible to move its orientation to place it vertically, which can be useful for editing websites, photos and app development.
  • VESA support: 219 euros.

desktop pro display xdr

As you have seen, this Apple monitor is created for true specialists in the image sector, since the resolution it offers is ideal for working with photos and videos without losing detail. It’s a good option if you’re looking for image quality like you’ve never seen before, but keep in mind that the price will be high.

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