Recall thousands of Adobe Flash content in the middle of 2022

Surely many of you already know that the flash standard at this moment it is missing. The reason for this is that the developer firm, Adobe, decided to abandon it at the end of 2020, although many users still miss it.

We must bear in mind that for a long time this software standard was an important part of our teams. It allowed us to access a huge amount of multimedia content especially when we moved around Internet. However, largely due to ongoing security problems found in Flash, the standard eventually died out.

But the fact that it no longer receives official support from its developers, or from other platforms or third-party programs, does not mean that we can not continue using it. In fact, in these same lines we will talk about the easiest way to use a huge amount of content based on Adobe Flash in these moments. And it is that there are still some developers who launch or maintain projects that allow us to use these contents to which we refer.

At this point, it must be borne in mind that, over the years, before december 2020, many developers made their Flash-based projects available to us. In this way, many consider that the loss of all this content is a waste, so they try to correct it. This is precisely the case that we want to talk about below in order to recall thousands of Flash-based content.

Of course, first of all, we must take into account the security risks that we can run when executing some of these online files. However, the most nostalgic will surely appreciate having them at their disposal.

Enjoy all this Flash content again

In order to achieve the objective that we mentioned, we will talk about the platform called FlashPoint. Actually, here we refer to a project that began to develop before Flash disappeared from the background permanently. The objective of its creators was none other than to safeguard the projects that many developers who worked for the standard at the time.

In this way and jointly with them, the heads of FlashPoint were in charge of generating and sharing a library with more than 80,000 Flash games and animations. Perhaps the most interesting of all this is that they made all this content available to any user who accesses the official website of the project.

To all this, we can add that the contents to which we refer here are totally free, portable and open source. On the aforementioned website we find some packages that we can download in order to enjoy all these Flash games and animations locally. Of course, we must bear in mind that all the files, games and applications available here have a weight of 766 gigs.

Therefore, in this way those responsible for flash point they achieve their goal. This is none other than safeguarding a backup from these successful contents that brightened the lives of millions of users years ago.

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