Record the best videos of your vacation with the help of a stabilizer for mobiles

Mobile stabilizer on offer

Hohem stabilizer

An accessory that considerably improves your video recordings are the multi-axis stabilizers. And, although your phone has some type of stabilizer, in many cases they are digital methods that cut the image from the sensor, something that also does not allow you to record at the maximum resolution that the phone offers you.

For this reason, having an external stabilizer is much more effective, and the results are extremely good. Thanks to these devices we can record in a completely stabilized way, obtaining videos with very smooth and precise movements.

A smart gimbal

Hohem stabilizer

This model in question is the Hohem Gimbal, and it is a stabilizer that has an official application from which to activate very interesting smart functions. Thanks to these functions, we can determine the tracking of a person, make automatic panoramas and even 360-degree shots with a single click. In addition, in case you do not want to be stabilizing all the time and simply want to take a photo, you can also configure the tripod or selfie stick mode so that you can take photos comfortably.

Among its smart functions we will find timelapse modes, heading tracking, portrait mode (change to vertical), 360-degree panorama, Hitchcock mode, Inception mode, face tracking and many more.

Gimbal on offer for 60 euros

Thanks to a 24% discount, this fantastic Gimbal is currently priced at 60.04 euros on Amazon, so it is an ideal time to get their services and start recording your videos in a more professional way. It has a joystick control, buttons for direct access to functions and a very foldable design that will allow you to carry it in your pocket almost without noticing it, since its weight is only 259 grams.

Its grip system is capable of carrying 6.5-inch or 280-gram devices, so you will not have problems when using an iPhone 12 Pro Max, a Huawei from the Mate series, a Samsung Galaxy or another. similar phone.

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