How To Recover Your Badoo Account

Since social networks appeared a few years ago, it has become almost imperative in society to have a profile on one or many of them, including Badoo. The latter is among the largest in the world, thanks to the impressive number of registered users.

This is why maintaining active access to the platform is necessary, due to the presence of information displayed within it, some data is even confidential. However, what to do if you lose or forget that information?

Well, there are some methods to recover your Badoo account that you can do, either from your mobile or from the computer if you prefer, and that is precisely what you will learn below.

For password loss

The password or password in English is one of the most frequently forgotten data by users. If this is your case, learn how to rescue your Badoo profile due to password loss, following some steps.

It should be mentioned that, although you can repeat this process as many times as you need, it is best to take note of your new password in a place that only you have access to. This could be, for example, your Smartphone or email. With that said, continue with the instructions below:

Enter the Badoo Portal through the link and press “Connect”.

Once inside the access window, click on “Don’t you remember your password?” and move on to the next step.

For security measures of the platform, you must identify yourself as the owner of the account. You will do this by entering the email or phone number with which you initially registered. In addition, you will have to confirm the characters of an image to verify that you are human. When you have this information, click on “Get a new password.”

Depending on the method you have selected to recover your password (email or phone number), then you will have to apply some steps.

From the mail

Badoo will send an email to your inbox with instructions to reset the password for your account on the platform. This will be titled “Have you forgotten your password?” Click on it and follow these steps:

Within the body of the message, click on the purple button “Create a password“. This will redirect you to the official Badoo website.

The next step will be to write your new access code and enter the platform again, pressing “Update“.


Recovering your profile on Badoo via SMS requires somewhat different steps, but very easy to do. The first thing to do is to enter the website and click on “Connect“. Once this is done, you can click on “Forgot your password” to start the recovery process.

In this case, you must provide the telephone number with which you registered on the web, in addition to confirming your decision by writing a special character code. When you finish, the platform will send a text message to your device with a provisional password, in addition to the link that you must click to continue in the process.

In the end, you will have new access to this social network and you can continue with your idea of ​​meeting new people for short or long-term relationships. It is recommended to change the password provided by the web, as they are generally very difficult to remember.

By deactivating the account

If for any reason you decided to deactivate your account on Badoo, either because you didn’t like the candidates, you think it’s not real, you didn’t get what you were looking for, etc. You should know that from the moment you make this decision, you have up to 30 days to reverse it and recover your profile on the web. After this time you will not be able to do it.

Once this point is clarified, follow the steps to recover your Badoo account after having deactivated it:

Enter your email, search your inbox for the last message received from Badoo and click on it. It is usually identified as “Are you sure you want to leave us?” This is a measure that the web uses to make sure that it was you who made the decision and there are no strangers’ intentions behind the deactivation.

Inside you will find a link in the form of a button, click on “Recover Profile“. This will take you back to the official site where you can reactivate your account.

Once it finds you in the portal, you will have to enter a special character code, which is nothing more than a Captcha check. Click “Re-enter“.

With these steps, you will have managed to reactivate your user on Badoo. It is necessary to mention that, if you delete the email from your inbox, you will not have any access and, therefore, you will lose your account within this platform. Remember also, that this special link has a maximum duration of one month (30 days) after this, it will expire.

From the phone

Badoo has, like many other social media platforms, the facility to retrieve user information through its app for mobile devices. To do this, you will have to download the application to your terminal (just in case you don’t have it) and follow these instructions:

Enter the app and press “Forgot your password“.

Badoo will take you to a new window, where you will have to provide the same information with which you registered (email or phone number) and press “Get a new password“.

The next step will be to write the special character code and press “Continue“.

What you do next will depend on the method you have selected to recover your password. In case of using your email, go to your inbox to open the message you received from Badoo and press “Create a password“. This will guide you to the portal of the social network, enter your new password and click “Update“.

Note: If you have the latest version of Gmail installed, you may have to click on the “Social” tab located at the top of the message list, in order to view the emails from the different social networks. This is due to the distribution by categories.

If, on the contrary, you chose to do it via SMS, you must wait for the text message to arrive. This will include a provisional password that you must change after entering your profile again, through the configuration menu included in the app.

You will also find a link within the text, click on it to continue with the process. When you do, the system of your phone will ask you how you want to continue, select “Badoo“, finally, the app will open directly in your profile.

If you followed the instructions to the letter, you will have managed to regain your access to the portal successfully. Remember that, when changing your password via SMS, you are given an automatic password, which, in many cases, is often difficult to remember. This is why it is recommended to change it as soon as the user is accessed or to make a note of it in a safe place.

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