News already offers training in digital skills for the unemployed

The public entity,, has begun its two training programs aimed at improving the employability through the acquisition and improvement of digital skills. Some programs aimed at unemployed people and young people enrolled in the National Youth Guarantee System.

Enrollment for the first courses of one of these training programs is now open, specifically those aimed at unemployed workers.

The programs have a total budget of 36 million euros, and are co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF), specifically by the Operational Program for Youth Employment (POEJ) and the Operational Program for Employment, Training and Education (POEFE) that aim to support job creation and help people to perfect their training and skills, improving their job expectations, within the framework of the European Union’s commitment to create more and better jobs.

In addition, it is a question of programs framed in the agenda Spain Digital 2025 and in the National Plan for Digital Competences, whose objective is to promote the digital skills of citizens and where one of the areas of action is training for the unemployed population, with a special focus on young people.

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More than 300 courses in digital fields and job orientation

The objective of these programs, which will teach more than 300 courses throughout the national territory, is to train in priority topics related to transformation and the digital economy. These include cybersecurity, big data, cloud systems, web programming full stack, digital marketing, industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, as well as video game programming, 3D design and virtual reality, among others. In each of the courses, a job orientation service is offered aimed at finding a job and improving the employability of the participants through the development of interpersonal skills.

The training will be given in mixed mode, being at least 80% face-to-face and the rest online. Each course consists of a minimum of 250 teaching hours, of which a minimum of 220 is dedicated to the specific content of the course theme and a minimum of 30 to employability. In addition, the program is completed with 12 hours of career guidance per student who completes the training, and with a commitment to employment of 6 months for at least 25% of the students.

The first courses to be taught are for unemployed workers, registered as job seekers in the SEPE, and interested persons can register here and in Altia Formación Red.

Starting in February of next year, the courses included in the program aimed at young people enrolled in the National Youth Guarantee System. A heterogeneous population group that includes people with little training and highly qualified young people.

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