Redarbor invests in Emotional to boost people’s emotional well-being

The Latin American technology company, specialized in Human Resources, Redarbor has just invest a total of 400,000 euros in ANDmotional. It is a startup that develops Artificial Intelligence capable of detecting emotional states and personalities, through images and videos, to improve people’s mental health and create emotionally sustainable companies.

With this transaction, with which Redarbor acquires 10% of the company’s sharesDavid González Castro joins the co-founding team of Emocional, until now made up of Pedro J. Espinosa, psychologist and programmer, and Aniol Hervás, engineer.

The entry of the pioneer in digital business in Spain, founder of Redarbor, Infojobs Brazil, Fotocasa and co-founder of Anuntis (currently Adevinta Spain), will allow the Emocional team to have the experience and long history of the serial entrepreneur, in addition to having extensive knowledge and learning in digital entrepreneurship applied to Human Resources.

AI model optimization

Emotional will allocate the funds to improve and optimize the artificial intelligence models developed by the startup, working with supercomputing centers, to turn its technology into an international benchmark, capable of helping and improving emotional well-being in companies.

They will also hire new profiles to expand its human team and promote talent in the company, which currently employs 21 workers, including artificial intelligence professionals, software engineers, as well as professionals specialized in psychology, marketing or design.

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