Relax, Valve will not be like Blizzard and will not ‘make an Overwatch’ with CSGO 2

We are going to remember the last days especially because they have been protagonists of the announcement of the arrival of CSGO 2he shooter competitive team for Valve that has been successful for more than a decade and that, in that time, has become one of the largest eSports community has been able to create around it. So it’s normal that some people have been terrified because, what if Gabe Newell’s they mark a Overwatch?

Everything changes to stay the same

After what happened last year with Blizzard and the controversy surrounding its Overwatch 2many players of CSGO they began to put their hands to their heads just thinking that Valve could follow that same path which, you will remember, has been widely criticized for the number of bad decisions made around maps, game mechanics and characters. So many walked with the fly behind the ear.

Fortunately, Valve has been much smarter and has called CSGO 2 to what could have been CSGO 2.0, or any number that indicates that we are facing an improvement of what we have now. It is obvious that technologically it takes an incredible leap compared to what we have seen from the mythical patch 1.6 but don’t trust it: the North Americans have changed everything to, basically, stay the same: maps, characters, cosmetics and game mechanics.

That’s bad? Not at all, since there is a reason of great weight that is the one that has guided this road map CSGO 2 just taught us ahead of its launch in the summer.

Everything comes together in eSports

CSGO was already a multiplayer phenomenon before the scenes of eSports grew exponentially from the middle of the last decade, when those gigantic events start to take place in Poland (in Katowice) and in many countries professional leagues are flourishing to which almost all the kids aspire to reach from their homes. Its community and the influence of the competitive aspect are so large that the improvements that could be added to make these games an even greater show have weighed heavily.

CSGO 2 will replace CSGOIs that clear to us? hence the restyling of all the usual maps, the new modeling of the agents that will be more in line with what the graphic technology of 2023 allows and, obviously, wonders such as smoke, so important in the displays of the teams and that now it will be volumetric so we can separate it with grenades or shooting to discover the opposing team.

The good thing about the move made by Valve is that we will have a CSGO supervitaminated, prettier, funnier and more precise who have been called CSGO 2 for a simple reason: it is the starting point of something much bigger that will come along over the years. And that is good news because everything changes to stay the same, but without forgetting that new content will be necessary to spend another decade ruling this segment of the shooter with professional eSports ecosystem.

At the moment we have to wait until summer but if you are a regular CSGO do not be alarmed, Valve has been smarter than Blizzard and he knows exactly what things he can touch and, more importantly, what he can’t.

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