Release date for the new Intel gaming CPUs: 4 of…

The first estimated date on the announcement of these long-awaited CPUs was November 19, somewhat late for many and a perfect time from the point of view of others, but finally it will not be like that and Intel is going to advance everything so that the Ryzen do not continue to eat ground today.

MSI reissues the note by mistakenly filtering the presentation date


Curiously and unintentionally, without being aware of what such an announcement implies, MSI released an update in reference to a free update kit for its Coreliquid AIOs. Although said announcement does not make direct reference to Intel Alder Lake as such, the press release has cited a very specific date: November 4.

The fact is that said update kit will only be available, curiously, from that date and until April 30 of next year, a narrow and very curious GAP, why not start on October 30 or October 1 November to offer it being this last Monday?

Well, because according to information from VideoCardz, its internal sources before this announcement have been able to confirm that Intel Alder Lake-S will arrive on that date, that is, it will be launched in stores on November 4, where it will also kick off to the reviews. On the other hand, this announcement is only made for the CPUs themselves, but when would the supported motherboards and DDR5s be released?

Many unknowns to solve, October 27 key date?

Name Performance cores Efficiency cores Total cores / threads Base and maximum frequency (performance) Maximum frequency all cores (performance) Base and maximum frequency (efficiency) Maximum frequency all cores (efficiency) Cache TDP Price
NameCore i9-12900K Performance cores8 Efficiency cores8 Total cores / threads16/24 Base and maximum frequency (performance)? / 5.3 GHz Maximum frequency all cores (performance)5 GHz Base and maximum frequency (efficiency)? / 3.9 GHz Maximum frequency all cores (efficiency)3.7 GHz Cache30 MB TDP125W (PL1)
228W (PL2)
NameCore i7-12700K Performance cores8 Efficiency cores4 Total cores / threads16/20 Base and maximum frequency (performance)? / 5 GHz Maximum frequency all cores (performance)4.7 GHz Base and maximum frequency (efficiency)? / 3.8 GHz Maximum frequency all cores (efficiency)3.6 GHz Cache25 MB TDP125W (PL1)
228W (PL2)
NameCore i5-12600K Performance cores6 Efficiency cores4 Total cores / threads12/16 Base and maximum frequency (performance)? / 4.9 GHz Maximum frequency all cores (performance)4.5 GHz Base and maximum frequency (efficiency)? / 3.6 GHz Maximum frequency all cores (efficiency)3.4 GHz Cache20 MB TDP125W (PL1)
228W (PL2)

The reality is that on November 4 we will only have a part in the market, but there is no announcement by any of the motherboard and RAM memory manufacturers about the availability for the models that will support the new i9, i7, i5 and i3 ? from Intel.

Apparently, October 27 will be the official presentation and reservations of the CPUs, so it is speculating that it could be the moment when everything is revealed so as not to cloud their characteristics.

At the moment, it can only be confirmed that the boards will be mid-range upwards, and that the memories will reach at least speeds of DDR5-6400, mainly because Intel will only introduce 6 SKUs on November 4: i9-12900K and 12900KF, i7 -12700K and 12700KF and i5-12600K and 12600KF.

Therefore, and having seen the models, it would not make sense to present a low range of economic motherboards if the necessary consumptions and amps invite us to think about a competent power system. But who knows, there are always users who choose to invest little in motherboard and memory at the cost of obtaining a better CPU, even if it is not the most optimal.

In any case, on October 27 we will have all the data to talk and debate, in the meantime, let’s enjoy the leaks that are to come.

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