Released the first patch to mitigate The Callisto Protocol issues

The Callisto Protocolthe game developed by Striking Distance Studios that aims to bring us back to the essence of Dead Space with some changes (not for nothing has it been created by the team that was behind the mythical survival horror published by Electronic Arts), has had a Rather sour initial reception from PC gamerswhich have come to crush it in the reviews published on Steam.

The fact that the “basic” system requirements took so long to appear already made one fear the worst, because that usually means two totally opposite things: either the title would have a very good optimization and the studio wanted to surprise or it is a poorly optimized game Unfortunately, and according to the complaints of many users on Steam, it has turned out to be the latter.

Rating of the PC version of The Callisto Protocol according to Steam users as of 13:45 on December 4, 2022.

Complaints about poor game performance focus on the severe stuttering issues and the fact that it performs poorly even on the latest generation of high-end hardware. Although it has been improving with the passing of the hours, the average rating of Steam users is still very low for a title of this nature, so Striking Distance Studios has had no choice but to step out to announce they will do everything in their power to fix the issues.

Apparently the origin of the problems is that The Callisto Protocol does not precompile the shaders. As a result, almost every time the game loads new assets or displays something for the first time, players can experience stuttering that can be quite annoying. This effect is generally more pronounced on less powerful computers, but as we have already said, even people with powerful and state-of-the-art computers are having an unsatisfactory experience.

Striking Distance Studios already has released a day one patch, but this seems to be more of a mitigation than a full fixso players can still experience stuttering, but in a less pronounced way (much less according to some users).

Hopefully the developers manage to polish all the performance issues the game is experiencing. In the meantime, the best thing for a consumer, unless they want to help Striking Distance Studios polish it up, is not to buy The Callisto Protocol until it starts to become truly enjoyable.

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