Remove Your Ex From Photos With These Three Photoshop Tricks

Among the many functions and tools that Photoshop offers us, the best known are those that serve to eliminate unwanted elements from photos and fill in the gap using AI so that it is not noticed that there was an element there before. We can do it with objects, signs, lamp posts, cars, animals and, of course, people.

Next, we are going to see the possibilities that Photoshop offers us for this work.

Remove unwanted people from photos

Among the tools that Photoshop offers us by default, one of the best known and used for this task is the cloning stamp. Thanks to it, we will be able to overwrite any part of the photo and change its content for other content that exists in another part of the photo. This is the system that has been used the most over time for this purpose, although the truth is that it is the most complicated method and the one that takes the most time. Also, its main objective is to clone specific objects, not paint over them, so if we are not careful or the photo is complex, the result may not be ideal.

And this does not lead to the second tool that we can use for this purpose: the function Fill. This function makes use of Artificial Intelligence to allow us to eliminate a selected part of the photo (which we can select with the smart selection, with the magic wand of Photoshop or with the method we want) and fill the gap according to the content of the rest of the photo. the picture.

Photoshop - Fill based on content

Thanks to its AI, the result we get is perfect.

Use Photoshop Elements

If Adobe Photoshop is too big for us, and is out of our budget, we can resort to another tool that will allow us to do the same, but in a much simpler and faster way: use Photoshop Elements.

This program is a reduced version of the great photo editor that, instead of giving us a blank canvas to do whatever we want, what it does is provide us with a series of quick actions. And, among them, is the tool «Object removal«. This is what gives us the ability to remove unwanted elements from photos.

Photoshop Elements - Delete Objects

We simply have to load a photo into the program, select this option and follow the steps indicated by Elements to make any element of the photo disappear, as if by magic. The program automatically takes care of everything else so that it automatically fills in, and intelligently, the blank space according to the content of the photo.

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