Renault aims for a 100% electric car by 2030 in France

More and more manufacturers are committing to fully electrify their range in the coming years. Renault is one of them and has just announced its latest objective: to sell only 100% electric cars by 2030. Dacia electrification will then follow.

Credit: Renault

In July 2021, the European Commission unveiled its requirements for electric mobility: by 2035, the institution no longer wants to see diesel and gasoline cars in concessions. For his part, the UK has made even more ambitious commitments, since Great Britain foresees the death of thermal by 2030.

In the wake of the announcements from the European Commission, many manufacturers have taken a stand. This is the case with Ford, for example, which will only sell electric cars in Europe by 2030. As for Opel, the German brand promises a 100% electric fleet by 2028. In 2022 alone, the manufacturer plans to launch no less than 11 electric vehicles like the Combo Life and the Zafira Life.

On the Renault side, the diamond brand did not wait for the objectives of Brussels to start its energy transition, quite the contrary. The French company already has several electric vehicles to its credit, starting with the Zoé, a real hit in France, without forgetting the Mégane E-Tech for example, its latest compact sedan.

Renault: 100% electric by 2030 in France and Europe

During a press conference given at the Technocentre Renault in Guyancourt, CEO Luca de Meo unveiled the company’s ambitions: reach 100% electric by 2030. “We decided to prepare the conditions for Renault to be a 100% electric brand by 2030 ″, announced the big boss.

The manager confirmed that Dacia will be the next to go through the electrification box of its range. “Dacia will follow, and its electrification will be consistent with a positioning which requires us not to increase prices ”, he assures. As the brand had already announced previously, the shortage of semiconductors will not improve before 2022. Comments maintained by Luca de Meo during his speech, even specifying that the worst is to be expected during the 1st quarter.

It is concentrated on a few suppliers (…) We cannot hope that this will be resolved in the long term ”. According to the manager’s statements, this unprecedented situation will prevent the production of 500,000 cars during the year 2022.

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