Renault launches a dedicated app, it hides a nice surprise!

Renault has just launched Reno, an application dedicated to the manufacturer’s virtual avatar that will be used in the electric R5. With this app, the user will be able to obtain exclusive information on the R5 and the electric 4L, buy NFTs and… pre-order future electric city cars from the diamond brand.

renault reno app
Credits: Renault

To strengthen its position in the electric car market, Renault is going to bet on nostalgia with the reissue of two legendary models: the R5 and the 4L. And yes, the two city cars will make their comeback by 2025 in a modern “watted” version.

Among the first details announced, the manufacturer confirmed that the electric R5 will be a concentrate of technologies. The car will carry in particular a virtual assistant. Well, we now know more about him, starting with his nickname: Reno.

Reno will be embodied by a small avatar taking the shape of the brand’s famous diamond. Designed by Luc Julia, co-creator of Siri and scientific director of Renault Group, Reno was designed as a co-pilot, which will allow you to better understand, apprehend and control the multiple functions of the electric R5.

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Renault presents its Reno avatar in a new app

And if you’re curious to see this avatar in action, Renault has just launched a new application on Android and iOS logically called: Reno. Here you can test the capabilities of Reno, but also have priority access to the latest information on the electric R5 and the 4L. A tab also allows you to discover in the form of stories R5 concept cars presented so far by the manufacturer.

The app also has a section dedicated to Renault’s The Originals store, in which you can find various derivative products such as this old-fashioned cassette player launched for the 50th anniversary of the R5. You can also find out more about the NFTs offered by the manufacturer.

Finally, last point and not least, Renault specifies in the presentation of the app that it will also be used to access the pre-orders of the R5 in preview! If the R5 will be the first to ship Reno, the virtual avatar is intended to equip all of the brand’s electric cars.

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