Renaut creates Ampère, a 100% electric brand to compete with Tesla

Two years after the launch of its Renaulution project, the French car manufacturer has just taken a new key step. Indeed, the diamond brand has announced the establishment of a brand new organization, with the creation of five independent divisions. From now on, Ampère will be in charge of the group’s electrical activities.

Credits: Renault

It has now been two years since Renault presented its transformation with the Renaulution project, led by the group’s new CEO Luca de Meo. And precisely this Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the diamond brand has just reached a new stage in this ambitious plan. In effect, it’s time for the “Revolution” as announced by the big boss.

Renault completely changes its organization

And as much to say that the words are well chosen, since the manufacturer will indeed wear a whole new face. This requires in particular a completely remodeled organization. From now on, Renault will break down its various activities into five distinct and independent entities:

  • The society Ampere will take care of activities related to electric cars
  • Power brings together Renault’s historic activities around internal combustion and hybrid cars, with a new company called Horse (in partnership with the Chinese giant Geely)
  • Alpine for sport and Formula 1
  • Mobilize will be dedicated to financial services and new mobility
  • The Future is Neutral will take care of activities related to the circular economy

Each of these companies will have its own management board and dedicated teams. “We can decide to present an athlete on several disciplines, or choose to have five specialized athletes who will compete for the same flag. We prefer the second solution”, schematizes Luca De Meo.

Credits: Renault

Ampère, the new brand dedicated 100% to electricity

Fact, Ampère will be considered a full-fledged car manufacturer, which will however remain under the Renault flag. Based exclusively in France, Ampère will have to bring together no less than 10,000 employees out of the group’s 100,000 employees. Of course, Renault had already laid the foundations for this new company, with the creation of the ElectriCity industrial hub in northern France.

With a current production of 400,000 vehicles per year, Renault wants to boost this capacity with Ampère to reach one million. The goal is displayed: produce an electric car in less than 10 hours from 2025 within the various French factories. For Ampere, Renault is aiming for more than 30% growth in the next eight years. In addition, Renault has IPO this new subsidiary on the Paris Stock Exchange from the second half of 2023. No wonder, when we know the delirious quotations of the actors of the electric, Tesla in mind.

By 2030, Ampère will launch no less than six vehicles. Some are already well known to users, such as the Mégane E-Tech, the next Scénic, not to mention the electric versions of the R5 and R4. Note that Ampère will be responsible for launching the very first SDV or Software Defined Vehicle of the brand, the connected car of tomorrow. To do this, Renault signed new agreements with Google on Tuesday.

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