renew your PC for only 9 euros

The SSD has become one of the essential components for any PC. These devices are much faster than conventional hard drives, allowing us to make an old computer look like new. The problem is that they are also usually more expensive than normal hard drives, which is why many users do not dare to give them a try. Although now, with this AliExpress new saleYou no longer have an excuse.

In addition to the typical hard drive brands we all know, there are also lesser-known manufacturers that bring us high-quality drives for much less money, by not having to pay for the “brand name”. And this is precisely what happens with this new super offer from AliExpress.

We are facing a brand SSD «Goldenfir», which we can buy, only for a few days, for just over 9 euros. This SSD has a capacity of 120 GB, enough to install Windows and the basic programs for any PC and have plenty of space to be able to make normal use of the equipment without worrying about anything else. Its size is 2.5 inches, so we can mount it on a laptop or desktop PC without problems. And the connection, as in all these devices, is through SATA 3.0. According to the manufacturer, the 120GB drive has read/write speeds of around 500MB/s, outstanding for this type of device.

Goldenfir SSD

In addition, if this manufacturer does not end up giving us a lot of confidence, we can see that has sold more than 10,000 units, and with more than 7800 evaluations it has an average score of 4.8 out of 5 points. Therefore, for 9 euros it is not a recommended purchase, but rather it is a must buy for everyone.

And if I want it with more capacity?

Although 120 GB is enough for Windows and the essential programs of any PC, it is possible that, if we use it as a single disk, it will be a little short. Luckily, this same manufacturer also brings us models with greater capacity at more than outstanding prices:

And if our computer no longer uses SATA drives, and opts for the PCIe interface, this same manufacturer also has several M.2 NVMe drives that are perfect for any PC and, again, at surprising prices. For example, we have a 512GB NVMe drive for just $56, a 1TB drive for $68, a 2TB drive for $108, and a 4TB drive for $378. All of them use the PCIe 4.0 port and offer us read and write speeds of up to 5000 MB/S, 10 times faster than previous SSDs.

Goldenfir NVMe SSD

With these prices, there is no excuse to upgrade your computer and abandon, once and for all, that old hard drive.

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