Repairability Index is now found on vacuum cleaners, but still not on tablets

Effective January 1, 2021, the Repairability Index excludes tablets from its parameters. While a new order now extends its scope, the latter are not taken into account. On the other hand, washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners of all types will be given the controversial little label.

Credit: Ministry of Ecological Transition

A little over a year after its appearance, the repairability index is not really unanimous. To begin with, he is already having a hard time making himself known to the French. In August 2021, only 7 out of 10 were aware of its existence. But even when it does, it is still not considered trustworthy. Indeed, several studies estimate that the assigned score is often too high in order to attract users.

However, this does not prevent the government from believing in the concept. In a new order published in the Official Journal, we learn that the repairability index now extends to several new devices. This includes top-loading washing machines, household dishwashers, pressure washers, corded vacuum cleaners, non-corded vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners.

Still no repairability index for tablets

According to the judgment, the repairability index will therefore be displayed on these devices within six months. As a reminder, the small label can now be found on smartphones and laptops, but also on televisions, battery-powered mowers, corded mowers and robot mowers and window washing machines. While many find this measure unnecessary, it is still very surprising that it still does not apply to tablets.

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However, the latter are entitled to their own dedicated page on the official website of the device. One would have thought that they would soon join the ranks of the concerned but obviously, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and that of the Economy have other projects in mind. Remember also that it is up to the manufacturer to assign their own rating to their products. So let’s hope tablets are part of it soon.

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