request a criminal record certificate online

We can say that many of those who are looking for a new job right now are predisposed to work in positions that they were not looking for a priori. There are also others who are luckier and find a job most suitable for your knowledge, experience or abilities. As a general rule, what employers are looking for are reliable workers who are also trained to perform that job.

That is precisely why, on many occasions, if not on the majority, it is required to present a Curriculum vitae plus some reference letter. These elements, as many of you may already know first-hand, greatly help us to be selected for that job. But at the same time and for certain slightly more specialized positions, the requested documentation goes a little further. This is the case in which we are about to access a somewhat more delicate job, such as any job with children.

With this, what we really want to tell you is that for this type of work and other similar ones, sometimes they will ask us for a criminal record certificate. Thus, the employing company ensures that we have not had problems with the law in this sense in the past.

Request a criminal record certificate online

It is for all this that we are going to show you the easiest way to request this criminal record certificate without leaving home. And it is that at this time it is no longer necessary for us to make long queues or have to move to ask for what we are telling you about. As with many other procedures related to Social Security or the Treasury, the Civil registration it also provides us with these advantages.

Therefore, in the event that we need to have this certificate, either because it has been requested in a job or for any other reason, let’s see how to request it quickly. The first thing we do is access the corresponding page of the Ministry of Justice, which is where all the Civil Registry procedures are housed. Here it is worth noting that we have the possibility of requesting this certificate for both natural and legal persons.

We find them in two well-differentiated sections, although to achieve the objective in both cases we will have to have a certificate cl@ve to identify us. Once we have entered our credentials through this digital identification system, we will be able to request our criminal record certificate from the comfort of home.

It must be said that we can also request this document without digital identification system, but for this we will have to fill out form 790 to request it in person, or send it by mail.

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