Request the new free Renfe pass for 2023 now: you must meet these requirements

Among other things due to the general price rise that we are seeing in recent months, many people and families are having a hard time. Hence certain aids from which we can benefit, how the free Renfe pass which has been reapproved.

Last September we already told you about the possibility of requesting a free pass to travel at no cost on Renfe trains. This is a measure that was taken so that many people in our country who used this means of transport regularly could save a good amount of money each month. This subscription was originally valid for four monthsSo now it comes to an end.

However, and thanks to the enormous success that this aid has been accumulating over the weeks, only a couple of days ago its continuity was approved. It is for all this that we will talk about the requirements that we must meet in order to benefit from this new Renfe free subscription for 2023. Of course, as you can imagine we will not be able to start using all of this until the next day january 1.

How to request the free Renfe pass

We must also take into account that this aid will serve us for suburban or medium-distance trains. At the same time it is important to know that we can carry out this request in any position of Sale of tickets. But with everything and with this, for many, it is surely more comfortable to do it from home and without waiting. Therefore, to achieve what we are telling you about, the first thing we must do is register on the official Renfe website from your browser. This is something we achieve for free just by having an email.

renfe record

Here we will request our ID so that the subscription is personal and we will have to pay a deposit of 10 euros, 20 for the medium-distance train subscription. This is a deposit that will be returned to us later if we do not breach any of the subscription use policies that we will see later. Once registered, before purchasing a new ticket, we will only have to select the option of Ab.Recurrente.

Its cost will be 10 euros, which is precisely what we paid initially as a deposit and that will be returned to us after four months. It is important to know that this operation generates a unique and personal QR code that will allow us to access trips and trains at no cost.

Requirements to meet and travel for free

Compared to this same aid that was approved last September, the requirements and conditions have now been tightened in order to avoid abuse. Therefore, before requesting and paying the corresponding bond, all this is what we must take into account:

  • Reservations can be canceled up to two hours before departure.
  • Those who do not cancel it three times will lose the subscription and the bail paid before.
  • Penalized users will not be able to request the subscription again until one month has passed.
  • We have the possibility of traveling up to four times a day on medium-distance trains.

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