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In these times we have the opportunity to carry out a multitude of official procedures through the internet. In this way we avoid having to access the offices as before and wait in long queues for a procedure that takes a few seconds. In these lines we are going to show you how to get your registration certificate from home.

Although most of you already know it, it is important to know that this certificate is provided by the City Council of the city in which we live. Actually, it is a document that makes clear the residence in which we have our address to certify that we live in that specific city. It should be mentioned that this is a document that we are going to be asked to carry out many other official proceduresso it is important.

Hence, surely many want to benefit from the possibility of carrying out all this from the comfort of their home. Obviously through the internet and a series of web pages corresponding to our city. In fact, many city councils of the different localities have a section enabled in their official Web for these tasks. Hence it is not difficult to imagine that the requirements may vary slightly.

This is how you ask for the registration certificate in the main cities

It is worth mentioning that the main cities of our country have enabled the use of the electronic certificate, the method cl@ve or the Electronic ID for these tasks. We can use all of this on the corresponding city council websites to request this registration certificate digitally from home. We can also find some websites of other towns where we can carry out the procedure through a form that they provide us, or by email.

For example, in the City of Madrid we just have to check the Online option on its official website to send it to us by post or email.

registration Madrid

On the other hand, the Barcelona City Council from its official website also provides us with all the steps to take to request this registration certificate online or in person.

Likewise, the Valencia City Council makes things much easier for us. It is enough that through the internet request this certificate filling in the data in the form that appears here. In this way we can receive it both physically at home and through email.

Valencia registration

Apply for registration in other municipalities

Of course, this is an official document that we can request in a simple way through the internet in many of the city councils of other spanish cities. Next, we are going to leave you a list with some of them so that you can speed up this request without leaving home.

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