Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 lose support for ray tracing

It is appreciated that Capcom continues to update the remakes of resident evil 2 and resident evil 3, despite the fact that not all his decisions have been successful. The latest movement of the developer of Japanese origin has been remove ray tracing support of both games, so players who can make use of that feature, if they apply the latest patch, will not be able to have a next-gen experience with lighting and reflections.

As we have already said, not all of Capcom’s decisions regarding updates to the remakes of resident evil 2 and resident evil 3 they have been successful. The company removed from both games, and also from resident evil 7, the support of DirectX 11, something that was forced to rectify shortly after due to the complaints of many users, who stopped being able to run the games or to do it correctly. This mainly affected people with older NVIDIA graphics that do not have support or are not so well prepared for DirectX 12, since this API, like Vulkan, derives from Mantle, and there Radeon has a certain advantage in generational terms.

In addition to getting quite right with the games in qualitative terms (not so much with the third numbered installment), Capcom has also excelled in recent times for the RE Engine, its own graphic engine, which has stood out for the level of detail of the faces and its versatility, since it is capable of offering optimization and outstanding graphic results. However, it is not perfect, and in this case the loss of support for ray tracing may end up being somewhat more pronounced than in other titles.

You only have to see a comparison with ray tracing enabled and disabled to verify that this is a characteristic that contributes to remakes of resident evil 2 and resident evil 3especially when it comes to reflections. Probably many will not appreciate big differences when it comes to lighting, but in reflections it brings a very significant improvement, so much so that reflections are not even minimally realistic when ray tracing is disabled in resident evil 2.

At this point, we enter into the debate as to whether ray tracing is really a feature that adds value to games, especially seeing that it still has many detractors among the community due to the loss it represents at the performance level. Another open debate is whether PC video games are focusing too much on the visual finish, neglecting aspects such as optimization.

The loss of ray tracing would not be the only one, since the sound options are another section that has apparently been cut. On this front, 3D audio would have disappeared at least from resident evil 3 to only show the dynamic range and settings for speakers.

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