Resident Evil 8 surprises us with the new multiplayer mode

A few days ago there was a stir with the announcement of a completely new Resident Evil . Specifically, it is the eighth installment known under the name of Village.

Several aspects surprised the community, one of them being the first-person gameplay , criticized by a few and praised by so many others. However, something in which all the gamers agreed was to consider the inclusion of a multiplayer mode a success, which will be independent and will not require any extra expense.

We are talking about Resident Evil RE : Verse, of which until now not much was known. Fortunately everything has changed as a result of the recent publication of a gameplay . Its duration of an hour and a half allows us to draw several conclusions that we will discuss in the next few lines.

Deathmatch with iconic characters and enemies of the saga

At the start of the game, players will be able to choose your favorite character . Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine will be some of those available.

It is not the only reference to several video games that are part of the main saga. And it is that the scenarios are also taken from titles such as the second and third installments, exemplifying the mythical police station that was plagued by zombies -and some other living police-.

Exploring the scenarios will be key at the same time that the characters face each other as if it were a shooter . And is that there are several very useful elements scattered such as plants that allow you to restore part of life or even one hundred percent of health.

Of course, there are also weapons, in addition to ammo so you don’t run out of it at the most unexpected moment. This is not all: this multiplayer mode aims to innovate with a new mechanic quite original .

Virus samples to become in Resident Evil monsters

If you search well for each scenario, as the new gameplay shows, it will be fairly easy to find virus samples. Keep in mind that the rest of the players will also go for them, since they become a highly valued item . What is this due to?

Basically this is the result of the fact that, depending on the amount collected, the characters will become creatures of greater or lesser power. For example, the classic undead requires few units, while many virus samples are needed to transform you into a full Tyrant . Would you rather be Nemesis? This monster is also available, although it will be necessary to advance in the game.

Capcom’s objective is to prevent everything from being unbalanced from the first moment. And is that having the Tyrant sowing chaos is not a dish of good taste for the players. The feeling of progress seems to be well implemented so that at first everything is somewhat calmer, worsening the situation over time.

In fact, to introduce players to a multiplayer mode never seen before, a very intuitive tutorial is proposed . Learning to shoot, reload, pick up elements of the scene and even dodge projectiles with an agile movement on the ground becomes a piece of cake paying attention to the indications shown on the screen.

It is important to pay attention to the tutorial especially when it comes to handling the monsters of Resident Evil . They will have a kind of stamina bar, so if you abuse the attacks you will be sold out to the characters who can kill you with a shotgun or missile. Indeed, there are also rocket launchers in RE: Verse.

Technical section

The gameplay has also served to clear up doubts about how good the multiplayer will look , being at the height of the ‘big brother’: the campaign mode. In fact, certain animations are surprising, especially those of ending a human character.

When handling a monster in case of having the necessary virus samples, from a certain moment there is the possibility of making a final attack in true Mortal Kombat style. This is when RE: Verse shows its graphic potential, not suitable for sensitive stomachs, since the level of violence is quite high.

In addition, it has become evident that the appearance that reminded the cel-shading will be deactivatable if the gamer deems it appropriate, thus seeing a more realistic technical section .

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