Resident Evil, a review of the history of this virulent saga

Resident Evil Zero

The origins of the Resident Evil saga date back to an investigation into some cannibalistic murders that occur outside of Raccoon City in 1998. There, the Police send their STARS Bravo Teamwhere is it located Rebecca Chambersthe team doctor.

Investigating on the ground, he finds the remains of a train belonging to the Umbrella corporation. inside meet billy coen, a former United States Navy lieutenant who was wrongfully convicted and is at large. However, he is not responsible for the murders, but the zombies. Chambers’ group soon discovers that the forest is full of these beings, so she and Coen end up working as a couple. The two discover that the zombie plague is due to the T virus (Tyrant viruses). Its creation is artificial, being Doctor James Marcus who is behind the invention and propagation. The rest of the title deals with how the two progress in the investigation until they meet Marcus. Eventually the two part ways at the end of the adventure. This title came out in 2003 exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube and is a prequel to the original game.

resident Evil

resident evil 1

This was the first game of the series. It was released in 1996 and had a remake in 2002. Both video games are almost identical, so they can be included under the same heading without creating any kind of confusion.

The game begins with sending the STARS Alpha team to the mountains of Arklay, due to the fact that the first group does not establish contact. They discover the downed helicopter of their companions and are attacked by a group of cerberus, for which they are forced to enter a mansion. They will also discover that Umbrella is behind all this zombie phenomenon, as well as discover the ability of the T-Virus to infect both people and animals. The reception of the game was really good, so Capcom would start a complete and fruitful saga with this title.

Resident Evil Outbreak (Files #1 and #2)

re outbreak.jpg

Barely two months after the events of Resident Evil, Raccoon City begins the Virus-T outbreak, affecting all its citizens. These two titles, released in 2004 and 2005, explain the spread of the epidemic from two different points in the city.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

The game consists of Two partsbut the first act narrates events that take place before the events of Resident Evil 2. In September 1998, before the outbreak spreads as seen in Outbreak, Umbrella sends Jill to Nemesis for uncovering the truth about the corporation. During these events, Jill becomes infected by the T-Virus and falls into a coma. Immediately afterwards, Resident Evil 2 would begin.

Resident Evil 2

resident evil 2 remake

This title features Leon and Claire, who arrive in a mountainous area of ​​the Midwest to investigate various events. During this game, Claire meets Sherry. Thanks to her, she knows that there is Virus-G, designed to turn humans into biological weapons. One of the scientists, Sherry’s father, decides to betray Umbrella, causing the corporation to send several Tyrants to finish him off. In addition to not getting it, the virus is free when several samples fall through the sewers. Just when this story ends is when Jill would wake up Nemesis from the coma and face those zombies that Umbrella sent her.

Resident Evil: Survivor

resident evil survivor

In this title released in the year 2000, detective ark thompson infiltrates Sheena Island, an Umbrella testing lab. There it is discovered that the virus has spread on the island because the commander of the island is a tyrant.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

On this occasion, the game is once again starring the redfield brothers and Steve Burnside, chronicling the events of late December 1998. Claire searches for her brother at the Umbrella facility in Paris. She is captured and locked up on Rockford Island. The most important thing about this title is the presentation of the Ashford family, Alfred being the direct descendant of the founders of Umbrella.

Resident Evil Dead Aim

resident evil dead aim

The events of this episode are narrated aboard a cruise ship owned by Umbrella in 2002. There, Morpheus D Duvall he spreads samples he has stolen from the corporation’s labs, infecting a large number of Umbrella employees and VIPs. Morpheus himself threatens to cause a pandemic if he is not given a certain amount of money. The threat causes both China and the United States to send a couple of agents to prevent Duvall’s plans.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

This game uses several previous title scenarios to tell several complementary stories to the saga. The bulk of the game is in the plot of Sergey Vladimir, a former Soviet Union soldier who had sold his clones to Umbrella, at the same time that he took part in the corporation, climbing positions quickly. In this video game occurs ‘the end of Umbrella’. In the chapter, Jills and Chris infiltrate the Umbrella facility back in February 2003 in Russia. They exterminate the last Tyrant and Albert Wesker does the same with Sergei. By last, they destroy all of the corporation’s databases, wiping out Umbrella of the map.

Second Stage: The era of bioterrorism

With Umbrella out of the picture, the viruses weren’t wiped out. They ended up in the hands of the black market. For the same reason, the United States fights back by creating the BSAAwhich is the Bioterrorism Law Enforcement Alliance.

Resident Evil 4

recounts the events of Lion working for the United States, where he has to travel to Spain to rescue the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham. The girl’s captors are controlled by a parasite and the plot has a complicated cult narrative.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations

It was kind of prequel to Resident Evil 5, published for Nintendo 3DS. We will control Jil Valentine, a former STARS agent and now a member of the BSAA.

Resident Evil 5

The story centers on Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, now members of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. They are located in Kijuju, a region of Africa where there has been a new outbreak of zombie virus that affects. the people of the area.

This game stood out for its possibility of cooperative game, as well as the confrontation between the protagonist and Albert Wesker. However, he lost the survival and horror touches that were so popular in previous titles.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Already putting the final stretch to the Umbrella corporation, this title is starring Claire Redfield and Moira Burton. The plot could be considered somewhat parallel to the line followed by the rest of the titles, but in this chapter we see how Claire puts an end to the Wesker Project.

resident Evil 6

It was one of the best-selling games of the entire saga. You can play with Leon, Ada, Chris and Jake in their fight against bioterrorism. Each of these characters has a different campaign, but they occur simultaneously. It follows the same style of gameplay previously seen in Resident Evil 5, and the grace of this title is living the story from different points of view to understand the entire plot.

Current Stage: The Connections and The Winters

The last stage of Resident Evil – or at least, the most recent – begins with the activity of a bioterrorist organization, The Connections. This group, founded by Brandon Bailey, create a fungus capable of mind control. Her great weapon is Eveline, a girl born from her experiments (named E-001). To protect the experiment, Eveline is transported to a clandestine laboratory on a ship in South America with Mia Winters and Alan Droney, but the experiment gets out of hand. This will be the basis on which the two most recent chapters of the saga would be worked on: Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

In an attempt to do some kind of reboot of the saga, Capcom decided that this title was quite independent of the others, thus initiating this new stage. The survival style returned and it becomes a game more similar to the original.

The protagonist of this game is Ethan Winters, an ordinary man looking for his missing wife on a plantation in Louisiana. It is narrated in the first person, which makes it a very enjoyable title in virtual reality.

Resident Evil 8: Village

It is a direct sequel to Biohazard. On this occasion, we meet again with Ethan Winters to rescue his daughter. The gameplay was greatly improved with a lot of action and well-crafted bosses, creating great immersion and a map full of interesting details.

What games are not part of the canon?

Resident Evil Survivor 2

In most franchises, we have the main title line and then the main titles. spin offs. However, the avalanche of Resident Evil titles makes this task difficult, since it is not so easy to carry out this operation. For this reason, it is usually separated between the games that are canon to the saga and those that are not.

First, the remakes are canon. The events happen at the same time as the original ones, therefore they coexist in the same universe. There are plot changes between the original and the remakes, but they do not replace the original plot or create parallel versions of the original. lore from Resident Evil. This has been confirmed by the video game producers themselves. This would also apply to future remakes that come out.

However, those that do not form part of the canon are the following titles:

  • Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veronica: Told as a first-person shooter, this title is not considered canon because the events narrated in this game are really a dream of Claire Redfield.
  • Resident Evil Gaiden: This Game Boy Color game is not considered canon, but some of its elements have been recycled in recent titles.
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City; full of anachronisms and possibility, this game is not considered canon either because of its style or because of the conflict that our decisions in this game can cause, which would not have continuity in other later games of the saga.

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