Resident Evil: first teaser trailer for Netflix’s live action TV series

The “undead” universe of Resident Evil continues to expand and now, after the movie Welcome to Raccon City, it’s up to the live action TV series of Netflix popping out of the dark suddenly like one of the zombies in the Capcom saga.

Here, therefore, the first teaser trailer of the show published by one of the official social accounts of the streaming platform arrives online.

Resident Evil: what do we know about Netflix’s live action TV series?

We already know that the plot of Resident Evil’s licve action TV series will develop over two different timelines (a bit like it did with The Witcher, although we hope the result is less confusing). In the first two fourteen-year-old sisters, Jade And Billie Wesker, will be grappling with “a new reality as they tackle the problems of the past“; as they soon realize that their father may be hiding some secrets that could destroy the world.

In the second timeline, however, we will find ourselves ten years in the future, with less than 15 million people left alive on the planet and over six billion monsters, including animals and people infected with the now known T-Virus. In this timeline, Jade is 30 years old, struggling to survive after the apocalypse and against the secrets of her past, that of her sister and father.

In the cast of the show we will find Lance Reddick as Albert Weske, Hanni Heinrich in Janet’s, Mpho Osei Tutu like Yen, Rizelle Januk as Billie’s teacher), Lea Vivier to play Susana Franco, Ayushi Chhabra in the role of Dr. Amrita Singh) e Richard Wright-Firth in Maskey’s.

The first season of the TV series will consist of eight episodes, with rumors also regarding a season 2 which, however, has not yet been announced.

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