Resident Evil Village comes to iPhone and iPad: for which models?

In the keynote presentation of the new iPhone Apple placed special emphasis on all attendees leaving with the idea in their heads that their new smartphones they were going to have graphical capabilities similar to those of any desktop console, which included comparisons with the next-gen. And if your memory serves you correctly, one of those releases that they gave as an example was the famous Resident Evil Village.

One of Capcom’s great successes in recent years thus became the figurehead of Apple’s attempt to convince us that You don’t need consoles to have a good time of electronic entertainment. We already knew that for a long time, although we must tell those at Tim Cook that it is not so much about that, as about being aware of what the sphere of influence of an iPhone or an iPad is. Which is completely different from PS5 or Xbox Series X or PC.

Now available, for what models?

Nobody can deny that Apple had a plan when it decided to start developing its own chips and install them indiscriminately on all the devices in your catalog. He left Intel behind in his Macs and also did so with those he had been implementing in iPhone and iPad to adapt them to that new standard. The result is an almost complete unification of its portfolio who live off Apple Silicon, whether for the world of Macs or mobile devices.

So yes, Resident Evil Village will not work on a wide range of devices from Apple and will be relegated to a few models, which ones?:

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • iPhone 15 Pro.
  • iPad with M1 or later chips (coming soon).

That is those smartphones Those who do not have an A17 Pro chip may forget and in the case of tablets, M1 is the minimum we should have. Anything that doesn’t meet those requirements will be impossible to get up and running, much less play it. So it’s time to update your mobile or tablet… although at the prices quoted, it will be cheaper to invest in a PS5 or an Xbox Series in the living room chair.

How can we buy it cheaper?

Resident Evil Village It has just arrived in the Apple App Store so you have it available to download without paying a euro but of course, you will not have access to the game so you will have to check out to unlock everything. But If you want it to cost you cheaper, you have an alternative which is to acquire today the package of the game with the expansion Winter’s with a 60% discount on the official price, which will no longer be discounted as of November 20. In total, you can get it for just 25 euros (16 for the game and 10 for the DLC).

It will be from the 21st when the game is already costing us a lot, practically 60 euros, so if you are sure that you are going to play it, don’t miss this chance to get it now at a discount. No?

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

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